Commitment spells, love spells

Commitment spells
When we are in a relationship, commitment is a thing that we desire the most. The bond loses all its meaning if there is no loyalty between the partners and it’s this lack of commitment that is the root cause of all problems in relationships. When your partner is deeply committed to you, you will always get that love and support from him, irrespective of all obstacles and fights. But if there is no commitment, even the silliest of fights can wreak havoc. Are you in doubt about commitment from your partner? Well, you have commitment spells that can help you to have your partner devoted to you.

There is a wide range of commitment spells for you. One of the most popular commitment spells is about igniting passion for you in your lover or crush’s heart. To do the spell, you would need one red candle, parchment paper, an illustration of blood dripping heart from heart and love oil. You have to cast the spell on a Venus night. Make sure there is nobody around you and choose a calm secluded area. Take your parchment paper & draw the heart as desired. On its reverse side, write your & your lover’s name. Now, anoint that red candle properly with your love oil. Place the candle right on the drawn heart. Light up your candle and chant the commitment spell. The spell would be a prayer to light love shiny and bright in the heart of your lover. After you are done with the chanting, wait for 10 minutes & then extinguish it. You have to perform the spell daily with the same candle till it burns off completely.

Commitment spells are not only about igniting love and devotion in the other person- rather some of them are also about testing the commitment in the partner. At times, you need to know who you are with. Many a times, we fall into sweet words without realizing that those are all false promises. Thus, it’s wiser to test the commitment of your partner beforehand.

To do the spell, you would need one large brown candle and a personal belonging of your partner. Brown candles symbolize uncertainty, hesitation and neutrality and hence would make a fitting choice for such spells when you are in doubt. In regards to the personal stuff, take something that you can actually hang, such as a pendant on chain. Place your candle on a table (at the center) & light it up. Then, start dangling the personal belonging over & around your candle and while doing that chant your spell. The spell would be a prayer to know whether the partner is loyal to you or not. Bring the stuff closer to flame and as you sense heat just drop the item. If the item falls just between the candle and you, your partner is deeply committed to you. But if you find it otherwise, your partner might need more time or it’s time you look for another partner.

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Crush Spells, Love Spells, Magic Spells

Crush spells
Are you deeply infatuated by someone? Is it the new colleague in your office or the cool guy that you met last weekend at your friend’s place? You might want him to text you or you are looking forward to take her out on a coffee date come Sunday. Well, no matter where you stumbled upon him/her, it’s natural to long for the attention of that special person you are attracted to. But at times, making that person feel the same way about you is not exactly easy. And for all such cases, you have crush spells as your lifesaver. These spells are a part of love or attraction spells and are really easy to carry on.

Crush spells are many and varied. There are spells to make your crush text you or ask you out for a date or make the crush think about you all the time. There are even crush spells which will make your crush kiss you!!

One of the most popular crush spells is the one that will make your crush like you- yes, exactly the way you feel for him. To cast the spell, you would need a piece of food, 1 rose petal and your deep feelings for your crush. Cook something for your crush- it could be a cake or a kebab or a steak- anything. While making the dish, put the petal on it & chant the spell. It would be something like love is strong for both of you and nothing can keep you apart. After you finish cooking, serve it to your crush with a smile. He is definitely going to fall for you.

Another handy crush spell is the one that would attract your crush towards you. To do this, you would need 1 red candle, a few pink or red crystals & jasmine essence. You have to perform the spell on a clear night with stars twinkling bright up above. Open your window and stand near it- make sure you have a proper view of the sky. Now, hold your crystals & take them to a place where you can have star light falling on them too boost them with good energy. Then, recite the chant 3 times. After you are done, place your crystals near your altar & light your candle. Wait till it burns off on its own.

The Knot crush spell is one of the most regular numbers here. To do this you would need one red yarn or cord around 7-9” long. Chant the spell as you tie each of the knots and they must be 1” apart from each other. You have to make 10 knits and as you reach the final one, loop the cord into a circle. Carry the knotted thread everywhere with you.

This is to stress here that crush spells are some of simplest of spells around. They won’t usually backfire if not cast properly. But then again, that in no way means you won’t be mindful about the chant, ingredients, ritual or spell. It’s your strong belief in the spell that will help to make the spell successful.

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Attraction Spells

Attraction Spells

When we are deeply charmed by somebody it’s a natural desire to have that person covet us in the same fervor. But at times, we are too shy to convey our feelings or fail to get noticed by that person. Are you too passionate about somebody? It could be someone you met in the college for the first time or somebody in your office. You might be trying hard to enchant that person but have not succeeded yet. Well, in that case, the attraction spells could be a lifesaver for you. As the name says, these spells will help you to make yourself more attractive to that person so that he or she eventually falls for you.

If you want a stronger spell, go for magnetic attraction spell. To do this you would need- 1 magnetic lodestone, vanilla oil, rose oil and red thread. Hold the magnetic stone firmly in hand & rub it with the oils mentioned. Visualize that the stone is gradually pulling energy to you and bringing your crush to your life. Then, tie up the magnet with red thread as a pendant and wear it around the neck. You can also carry the stone in pocket but the necklace part assures a stronger result. Now, go ahead and mingle with that special person and you will gradually see him or her getting drawn to you.

One of the most popular attraction spells is Influence spell. To do this, you would need- 1 licorice, rosemary (3 tablespoons), baby oil (8 teaspoons), honey (9 tablespoons), jar with lid and an image or something personal of your crush. Place the picture into your jar. Then, put licorice in it and sprinkle rosemary. Next, pour in baby oil followed by honey. Close the lid & chant the attraction spell. After you are done with the casting, keep the jar somewhere safe where nobody else would find it. After the person has been influenced, you can throw the jar away.

If you want a simpler spell, you can go for “heart of the matter” attraction spell. To do this, you would require, one pink carnation (full bloom), 1 little rose quartz, 1 tiny pink slip and a pencil or pen. Place the carnation in your flower vase full with water. Write down the special person’s name on the pink slip & fold it tight. Then, tuck the quartz and the pink slip firmly into the carnation petals and chant the attraction spell. The spell would be something like a prayer where you request to put your thought into the mind of your crush, so deep, that you never part ever. As you chant the spell, visualize the person getting drawn towards you. After you are done with the chanting, leave the whole arrangement as it is till the flower dries up. Then you will bury the carnation & save the stone and paper somewhere safe.

However, remember, attraction spells are a serious business and if not cast properly can mean a completely adverse effect. So, you have to be really proper with the chant and the ingredients.

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Obsession Spell

Obsession spell

When we are in love with somebody we would certainly desire that person to be in love with us forever. Won’t you covet the feeling of having that special person addicted to you and you only forever? A big YES. But unfortunately, things don’t turn out to be as we plan it always. There have been incidents where apparently the most committed couples have decided to break up. Now, that’s sad and here comes the magic of obsession spells. These are the most powerful of love spells and if cast right, can make your love stay dedicated to you for lifetime.

One of the most popular obsession spells is the one that ensures that your partner stays committed to you forever. To do the spell, you would need cotton, jar, brown paper, red candle and red pen. Write your & your lover’s name on the paper. Then, you will wrap up the paper in cotton & place it inside your jar. Fill up the remaining portion of the jar with your remaining cotton. Tighten up the jar & place it under the bed. Then, light up the candle and contemplate over your love with full concentration till the candle burns out completely. You must not open or remove the jar from its place as otherwise you will end up breaking the spell.

Another obsession spell is buried love spell. It might help you when you are looking forward to protect your love from the prying souls. It’s a simple thing to do and the things you would need here are- a piece of cloth, paper, pouch, needle and thread, pen or pencil, dirt, earth and apple seed. In regards to the cloth’s color, you can use a white cloth. Sew the paper into your pouch. Then, color up the paper in pink or red. Make 2 pieces & write your name on one & your lover’s name on another. Now, place both of them inside the pouch with dirt and apple seeds. Finally just bury it and make sure never to take it out.

If you have fallen for somebody deeply and now you wish the same person to think about you all the time, there is a special obsession spell for it. To do the spell, you would need 1 small pink or red candle, incense & the name or picture of your crush. You have to do it during waxing moon phase at night. So, find out a secluded calm place & draw the circle. Charge up the small candle with pure intentions and complete concentration- then, start imagining your crush thinking about you non-stop. You have to visualize seeing yourself in their romantic dreams. In short, imagine they are completely into your thoughts round the clock. Then, light up the candle and incense. Sit or lie on your floor & visualize yourself entering into your crush’s brain. Go on visualizing the same thing constantly. As you do so, you are putting your thoughts in the crush’s head. Now, you will chant the spell and then place the person’s name or picture under your candle. Go on visualizing the same till the candle burns out.

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Spell to win back an Ex love

Spell to win back an Ex love

Are you still in love with your ex and desire to get him or her back eagerly? Well, at times we just break up in the fit of a rage without realizing the consequence only to end up regretting the whole thing latter. Is it the same thing with you? Have you still not been able to get over your ex lover and now ready to turn every stone possible to reunite with that special person? Not to worry as there are spells to win back an ex love.

One of them is love lemon spell. To do the spell, you will require one fresh lemon, a ribbon or red yarn and a pink paper. Write your & the ex’s name on the paper. Open up a lemon slice- make sure to cut it in half evenly. Fold the pink paper in a way that the names touch one another and put a lemon slice in between. Then, tie it up with the ribbon or red yarn. While doing the entire activity, you should go visualizing your reunion with your ex & that both of you are so happy together. Finally, put the entire thing into your freezer. You will get back your ex within 30 days.

There is another love spell to get back your ex fast and you have to cast it either on full moon or waxing moon. For the spell, you would need- 2 white candles, 1 smiling picture of yours, a solo picture or drawing of your ex, blue fabric & chamomile teabag. Choose a peaceful and secluded location. Cast a circle & light your candles. Make sure to get yourself in a composed & calm state. Relax yourself, hold your ex’s picture in left hand & that of yours in the right. Then, begin visualizing both of you are getting reunited and how ecstatic you are! Think of all the love & sweet moments of togetherness. With romance in your eyes, look at both the pictures. Hold on to it for 5-10 minutes and then you will recite your chant. After you are done with the chanting, utter the ex’s name thrice & put his or her picture down and place your picture over it, followed by the chamomile bag & wrap everything with the blue fabric. Continue the same ritual daily for 3 weeks at 8 at night.

A very powerful spell to get back your ex is Midsummer Rose Spell and it has to be performed on June 19th, on Midsummer’s eve. To do the spell you would need five red roses, tree which is hosting bird’s nest, naturally flowing water such as a stream, a church & crossroads. It’s wiser to select the location beforehand so that you don’t have to waste time on the Midsummer’s eve. Now, reach the place at night on the designated eve with your roses. Bury one of them under the tree, the other one near church-gate- the 3rd and 4th would be buried near the stream & crossroads respectively. Take the 5th one back home & place it under your pillow. You have to sleep with the rose there for three nights in a row. On the 4th night, you will pluck out petals & place them at those 4 locations- your ex would be back to you in no time.


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Divorce Spells

Divorce spell

When you take the oath before the alter, we promise to stick to our partner for better or for worse. But at times, unfortunately, the sacred bond does not turn out to be the way we had deemed. We all have heard of scary stories of marriages turning bitter and in such situations, the divorce spells are the ones that you want.

There are 3 main types of divorce spells. One of them is the one that will help you to attain the divorce from your spouse. If the married life has become unbearable, it’s best to terminate the bond and look for a better life ahead. The maxim of life is to stay “Happily married” and not just simply married- if the bond does not suit you, you have every right to break free. But then, sometimes the spouse does not want to give the divorce even after several pleas and requests. In that case, you can take help of the divorce spell to get rid of it.

Another type of divorce spell is the one which enables you to break the marriage between two people. But be careful, please do not cast it on a happily married couple. According to the Wiccan rules, whatever you do comes back to you 3 folds and that includes both the good & bad deeds. So, if you intend to break up a happily married couple, you are going to face serious consequences. You should only cast the divorce spell in case it’s an unhappy and tragic bonding- such as that of a marriage between a nice girl and a hooligan or between an old man & a young lady or when one of the spouses is really unworthy of staying married to.

The third kind of divorce spell is the one that helps you to prevent divorces. At times, even when the spouses are deeply in love, the romance goes awry given some stupid mistakes and petty misunderstanding- leading to unwanted painful divorces. But even then, you will find the divorce spells handy that will enable you to stop the marital disharmony and bring back the sweet pleasures of a happily married life. You can cast the spell to prevent your divorce or that of a friend.

Added to these 3 main divorce spells, there is another sort of divorce spell which will help you in your court proceedings. Divorce is an elaborate affair and with all the court proceedings it gets even more complicated. There are so many things to discuss- assets, debts, properties, children and so on. Often times, one of the spouses seem to unmindful harass the other spouse demanding irrational shares regarding child custody or asset distribution. If you or any of your friends is passing through a similar tragic situation, you can out an end to all such woes through the divorce spell & get the case in your favor.

However, it must be stressed here that divorce spells need a good lot of concentration and belief from the spell caster. Besides, make sure that you chant the spells right.

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Hot Foot Powder Spell

Hot Foot Powder Spell
Hot Foot Powder is a getaway magical element with the help of which you can drive away negatively influential and unwanted people from your life. As humans, our life is involved with ex lovers, stalkers, enemies, bullies and many people containing negative impacts. With the help of this ancient African American hoodoo folk magic you can keep yourself away from those unwanted people.

This spelling trick requires a basic bunch of ingredients, such as, cayenne powder, black pepper, sulfur, soil from any graveyard, gun powder and salt. You can either combine all the specified ingredients into a simple powder or add other elements such as bluestone and habanero powder to make your own customized form of dust.
There is a very common and effective way to use the Hot Foot Powder, that is, by sprinkling it across the person’s foot track arriving upon your doorstep or wherever he takes a walk. The concerned person when once crosses the sprinkled path will stay away from you, thereby leaving you at peace. In case you cross his den, he will be forced to take a stress  stroll, never being able to return to his home.

You can settle for another way to perform a Hot Foot Spell if you cannot manage to sprinkle the powder onto the desired person’s foot. Try to perform the get-away spell with the help of the Hot Foot oil which will serve as an alternative to the powder. For this, you need to get hold of the foot tracker’s shoes or socks and apply the ointment in either of them. Not only will it help you to get rid of the person from your life but his negative effects will cease to exist with the passage of time.

In case you want to get rid of a person who resides right beside you, you can choose to use the hot foot spell in the form of a floor wash. A Hot Foot Floor Wash needs to be applied into a pail of warm water and applied on the floor where the undesired person resides. The effect of the solvent is such that the person you wish to get rid of will go way far from you within a matter of a few days. After he moves out, make sure that you wash off the effects of the floor wash before anybody else occupies the space.
Suppose, you do not have a specified enemy, but wish to stay away from negatively influential and unwanted people, this is when you can apply the Hot Foot Powder in your yard. This method will keep out the unwanted people from entering your premises, such as door to door sales people, a stalker who will simply not give up on you and other kinds of unwanted visitors.

Hot Foot Powders are easy to make and can be stored for a longer period of time in moisture retaining containers. The dust being of unstable nature needs proper attention while handling. Positively remember to rinse off the effects of the powder from the hands with soap and water, after use. Be cautious to not touch your eyes and face with the residues still left on your hands.

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Witches Black Magic

Witches’ Black Magic
Black magic is one of the most popular, dangerous and discriminated forms of magic existing in nature due to it’s profound associations with Satanism, evil spirits and demons. Black Magic is essentially the oldest form of magic and has found reference in the historical records of earliest human civilizations. It has been believed that Black Magic is only practiced by cursed, unethical and disgraced women who call themselves witches and it deals in conjuring negative energy to cause harm, disruption and malice. Numerous people believe that black magic is bad and white magic is good. However, this is not the case. Black Magic is considered to be a superior form of magic which involves procuring advanced expertise to conjure superior and more powerful spells.
Components of Black Magic

Black Magic is generally used to drastically alter someone’s state of being. Much like money, black magic does have a characteristic of it’s own. It’s neither good nor evil. The intention entirely depends on the person who is using it. Black Magic is strong decisive magic and is capable of making positive alterations to someone’s life. It can be used to conjure positive energy and ward off everything that is evil and malicious. Most of the powers of Black Magic and derived from the energy of the Moon and witches are traditionally believed to be more competent in casting Black Magic spells.

Powers of witches
Witches are essentially considered to be the originator of Black Magic. Due to their superpowers they can live long, cast some of the most strongest and deadliest of spells, many of which could be irreversible. They can use black magic to bless and curse with equal elan. They can put a hex on someone, cast strong love spells and are even known to awaken the dead from their eternal sleep. They can speak to spirits and animals alike. Through incessant devil worship and praying to Lord Saturn, they gather myriad paranormal powers which make them extremely dangerous.

Witches spend a considerable time connecting with the divine powers of nature. Their self –assurance makes them open to communicating with every realm of nature. They can command the wind and the clouds to act to their wishes. Such ascetic authority takes years to acquire.
Contrary to the popular belief that witches only cause harm and havoc, they use Black Magic to heal, help and protect people. They only resort to casting blights and curses to individuals who are deceiving and malicious – people who exploit others for their own selfish means.

Witches and Black Magic
With the help of Black Magic, witches can perform necromancy, shamanism and possession. With such paranormal activities they tend to protect the society they thrive in, although they themselves prefer to live secluded. It is believed that witches generally practice stringent Black magic rituals in social groups in the middle of the night. The accumulated super power, thus conjured can bring about extensive divine powers which can be utilized in either good or evil ways.

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How to learn Real Magic

How to learn Real Magic

Magic is the ritual of using powers, technique, language, gestures, actions and symbols to earn supernatural powers to perform a task which no normal man can execute. The erstwhile historic traditions have immense references of conducting sorcery or magic by virtue of prayer, invocation or sacrifice. The tradition of practicing and believing in magic is a ritual almost every culture around the world has experienced since the inceptions of the earliest human cultures.
Throughout history and even until today, magic is performed to accomplish the following purposes. They are:

1. To gain personal favours and bring good luck
2. To change the past and predict the future
3. To conjure the devil and put a hex

Magic is not just about waving a wand, lighting a candle and uttering gibberish. Real magic is considered to be mostly psychological and consists of a whole lot of patience, dedication and knowledge to perform. Magic is powerful psychology. It is complex and strenuous and involves changing one’s conscious and subconscious thoughts, actions and emotions to create a rippling effect of energy in the universe so that your desire is fulfilled. Once you have earned such powers, you can conjure real magic.

Magic has several branches. Real magic consists of possession, shamanism, nature worship, guiding and healing and much spiritualism. Men and women who practice real magic are known as wizards and witches respectively.

Learning real magic can be dangerous affair at it urges you to stop being who you are and constantly train your body and mind into channelizing the universal energy towards your purpose. Therefore, the first step to learning is to seek guidance from a teacher who is willing to his expertise with you. A good teacher will bestow you with a safe environment to hone your magical skills. He or she will teach you and watch you making mistakes and help you to pull yourself up back again. Irrespective of the fact whether you intend to learn real magic from books or websites, it is imperative to seek your teacher’s blessings and guidance.

You cannot transform yourself into a powerful wizard or witch of you do not understand yourself. Through the process of self discovery, you will know who you are. You will acquaint yourself with your strength and weaknesses. You have to harness your strengths and accept your weaknesses as they are. You will have to push yourself to extend your boundaries and know how your weaknesses can affect you. A constant sense of curiosity should keep you moving and you have to challenge yourself further after having covered every milestone.

Magic is a holistic process. Real magic is difficult to master but once you have learnt the art of performing what is supernatural and paranormal, you will experience a sense of fulfillment. With special powers, you will acquire a profound wisdom. The foremost important aspect of real magic is to have faith in the capability of your body and mind and learning real magic will be a more realistic goal.

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Vampire Amulets and Talismans

Vampire Amulets and Talismans

Gemstones, crystals or any naturally occurring material in the earth has always been believed to carry magical powers capable of healing one’s body, health and mind. Also, for countless centuries, it has been maintained that certain symbols and motifs can carry both positive and negative energies which can invest strength, control, authority and supremacy into human beings. Such beliefs have led to the inception of Amulets and Talismans – popularly known as protective gears to ward off everything which is evil and bring back positive power.

Amulets and Talismans have earned a special place in the historical culture and ethnicities across all continents of the world. Amulets are traditionally known to guard against negative forces and some cultures believed that it had powers to even protect someone after death. Amulets were originally worn around the neck or fastened with a cord on parts of the body as a defense or cure against diseases. Numerous people also believed that amulets had the power to ward off evil forces. While Amulets ward off all that is disapproving and negative, talismans protects it’s owners and usher in prosperity and good luck.

Vampire Amulets and Talismans can be worn in the form of coins, gemstones, motifs, pendants, bracelets, armlets and rings. Although they look like ordinary jewellery they are invested with strong powers which can transform the wearer into someone more potent and powerful. Only immortal vampires more than hundreds and thousands of ages can conjure an effective amulet and talisman for it’s wearer.

One can improve your life and increase the chances of happiness with amulets and talismans. You can procure the super powers of a vampire and live eternally, walk among the dead and enrich your sense of being with intuition, psychic power and vehement knowledge of everything under the sun. Vampire Amulets and Talismans can help you to reach the most dangerous and passionate horizons of the paranormal world.

Your super powers are secured immediately when you wear these objects and worn off when you remove them. What is significant and special is that if you intend to own a Vampire Amulet and Talisman, you have to procure it from the realms of the ancient vampires who continue to live at the corners of the world even to this day. With a Vampire Amulet and Talisman, you will experience intense power and renewed energy. These objects are imbued with paranormal powers from the ancient vampires who render protection and guidance to their protectors.

You might wonder what makes a vampire immortal and so powerful. Vampires, Humans as well as other living beings are made from the same matter and energy. The only difference is that vampires can work with the energy and the elements contained in the nature. They conjure special powers by channelizing this energy around them. The Vampire Amulets and Talismans can thus help you to channelize this universal energy to your optimum benefit so that you rise above the others and find yourself endowed with such supreme powers no mortal man has.

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