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Bad Luck Spells, Curse Spells, Negative Spells

Bad Luck Spell

The topic which we are going to discuss here in this article is curse. Curse can destroy someone’s life and should be seriously taken. Every day in our life someone somewhere does wrong to us and we feel like cursing them. Sometimes we don’t know that our cursing could badly affect someone’s life, it can happen to us also.

Here we will discuss about bad luck spell. If you want to take revenge or want to offer your enemy a dose of bad luck then this spell is best to apply. If any of your friend or enemy has committed wrongful deed with you and in return you want to give a similar treatment to them then this is the perfect spell to work upon. By doing this your enemy will be badly affected, whatever they will touch will be destroyed and everything will go dull and bad luck with follow them in every path they take, things like failing in interview, no further improvement in any field, job loss etc will take place on whom you have performed the spell. This is the right to apply on those who have hurt you badly. Numbers of clients use this spell on their staffs who have back stabbed them; it can also be done on dishonest partner who is trying to demolish the life of others. This spell has proved to very influential and flourishing and it doesn’t harm the person who is using this spell on others.

Some of the following items which we might require while using this spell are given below:-

1 pentacle, either you can put on a pentacle necklace or drawn on ground. This spell is self made. Touch the pentacle with hands point out the image of the victim who have hurted you and utter you will be badly cursed with bad luck for hurting me and repeat this chant for two times. This is one of the spell you can use it on your enemy.

There is another spell which you can apply on your foe. For this you need an image of the victim, matchbox or lighter and white or black candle. This is a charm to throw bad luck hex on a name. Request God to hear your prayer and chant that someone has hurt you badly due to which you are completely sad and this has driven you mad. Now glow up the candle, with the heat coming out of the candle say the name of the enemy and ask God to take revenge on him, make him cry, sufferings might ruin his life and also let him feel that he should not hurt me again. While chanting burn the image in the candle.

One of the well applied spell to use upon your opponent, is given below. For this spell you require your voice. Make use of this spell to shed bad luck over him or her. Go to the person who have done wrong to you and utter in such a way that he or she doesn’t listen. Wish bad luck for the opponent so that his full day and night goes wrong.

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Beauty Spells, Attraction Spells, casting spells

Beauty Spell

The most important desire of many young girls is to look pretty. Beauty spells are made to help you look beautiful. Beauty spells are really effective and add to your complexion and outlook. Some people are really fond of receiving comments and would like to remain the same way for the remaining lifetime.  Spells become really important in today’s world where it is considered to be equated with success. Beauty spells are the most wanted in the contemporary world. It is noticed that the one who is beautiful is given a lot of importance as against the not so beautiful people.

Inner happiness and satisfaction is the core ingredient of being beautiful. So spells are majorly required to keep you healthy and happy. Beauty spells can change how people look at you as you become more charming. There are a number of beauty spells mentioned all over the internet, one of which is given below. This is a great pick and can be done whenever you feel the need of doing it.

For this, you will need rosemary oils and sunflower along with a rosemary sprig, spring water in a glass, a few papers and a fountain pen which has red ink in it. The procedure should be as follows: you will have to mix 5 drops of rosemary oil and 1oz of sunflower oil. These should be mixed and massaged into the hair. You should close your eyes for a minute and breathe the scent of it. You need to use the red fountain pen and write down your name on the paper, after which the rosemary sprig needs to be dipped into water. Then the paper should be placed into the water till the ink fades away. Next step is to wash off the spring water from your hair. To complete the spell you need to wear the sprig of rosemary for the rest of the day.

This beauty spell is extremely effective and will surely provide with all that you want to have. It is a right of each and everyone to look beautiful which cannot be taken away by anyone.

It must be mentioned that beauty spells can work in different ways. They can either make you really beautiful or might also alter your physical outlook. Spells do work actually because they are related to the universe and if they are worked upon, will lead to changes in the physical world as well. Spells to attract an individual occurs at spiritual level. They combine with the energies and forces of nature and work upon you. They might not directly bring about changes in your appearance but will change the way others look at you. These spells can work magic.

Such spells also have their limits and their result varies with individuals. Some might see drastic changes while for others there can be subtle changes. Some changes suggesting changes in eye color is impossible to happen and do not generate the guaranteed results.

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Health Spells, Healing Spells, Casting Spell

Health Spells.
Health spells is a topic which is much more maligned as you are dealing with people’s health. When you are talking about stakes as high as in health spells, even a small error in magic can prove to be disastrous. It is very important to take good care when you perform any of such spells. It is a very tricky matter since health is involved and you do not want any of it to lead to any big problems.

Health spells are generally of two types falling under the broad category of white magic and black magic and depending on the same it can be positive or negative. Those spells which provide healing to the body are considered positive while those spells that take away the good health and well-being are considered to be negative. The health spells are the spells that deal with physical health.

These spells especially the negative ones are very powerful and when cast will only obey the one who is most powerful. In other words this means that if say you cast a health spell on someone who Is much more powerful than you are, then the spell might have no effect and can backfire or turn against you or it may even heal the person instead of hurting you. Spells of similar strengths may also lay dormant, and not take any effect until and unless another spell has worn off. It is also important to note that you should undo spells to end the effect of the spell rather than casting a new spell altogether to cancel your spell. Casting another spell on a spell will only lead to complications and problems.

Health spells are a little stronger than the healing spells. All mild ailments can be cured and it can give you some better overall health. The health spells generally lead to very rare negative consequences and they also last for a much longer time than the other spells irrespective of how much experience you have about casting the spell. Depending on the strength of the person who casts the spell, the health spells will dissipate over time but there is no way to reverse these spells.

Have you been feeling sick, weak or an overall lack of energy? You must be totally inclined to go for medications and prescribed pills in such situations, however they can worsen your situation and make problems worse. Now with health spells you will be able to cure health problems without the use of medication. Find out the source of your illness and take help of these spells to regain your physical, psychic and spiritual health. White magic helps in accelerating the healing powers that is within ourselves and with the same help of magic, meditations and rituals we can remove causations of diseases which has been dwelling deep inside us. It’s time to improve your health through the transfer of energy and release from physical and psychic blocks very rapidly as these methods are useful supplements to healing method.

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Love Spells, powerful love spells

Most Powerful Love Spells

Have you got a strong crush on somebody and now looking forward to have him or her in your life? Well, somebody is in love, it’s natural to long for a similar romantic passion from the other person. You can try out various techniques to impress him or her but these might not be fool-proof. If you are really serious about the love of your life, then you have to go for something more powerful. Most Powerful Love spells would be excellent solutions here.

Since time immemorial spells have always been able to carve out a special niche for themselves given their magical prowess. Though many are dogmatic about spell-power yet they don’t know these have been a common & widely regarded phenomenon in different cultures. Spell can be defined as a prayer or wish that works to magnet the positive energy of the universe to work in your favor.

Some nurture this prejudice that the love spells deprive the target of his or her free will. But you must know that these spells only work to fuel up the hidden love which is already within a person and helps him or her to get closer to the soulmate- through creating a spiritual or energetic link. Isn’t that something truly great? When two individuals start feeling that spiritual attraction, they would willingly get closer. Thus there is no question of destroying somebody’s free will through the spells.

There are varied kinds of love spells. The most common ones are meant to make the desired person fall for you.  There is another one that works to create a bridge of strong attraction between two people which makes the love stronger. You will also get spells meant to bring back your lost lover. Moreover, you will even come across same sex love spells today while there are even more specific lesbian love and gay love spells. Such a huge variation ensures something for everybody.

If you are too ready to practice love spells on somebody, you must take the help of a pro spell caster. Just pronouncing the spell verses won’t be effective- you have to understand how to create the right ambiance and the right technique to channelize the spell in proper order. This is where the professional spell casters come in. they will not only provide you with the love spell but would also enlighten you about the right procedure to capitalize it.

Love spells have been immensely helpful in several cases. You would just need to stay positive about your intentions to attract the positive energy of the universe towards you. The spell, no matter how powerful, won’t work if you are filled with negative energy. Always remember that if you are deeply passionate about something, the entire universe conspires to get the desired thing to you. The All the spells, including the romantic, work on this very principle. So, stay positive, do not lose hope and let the love spells connect you to the love of your life forever.

So Looking for Most Powerful Love Spells, contact me. I will cast the love spell as per you wish and desire.

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Banishing Spells-Revenge Spells-casting spell

Banishing spells

There are many memories and gifts from people as well as scrap items in your household as well as in your mind that you want to get rid off as quickly as possible. People are also classified under the banishment group whom you do not want in your life. People do cause some difficulty and problems in your life and to do away with them as well you need banishing spells. Methods are many for banishment spell which varies from person to person and age factor is also dependent on the spells. You have to be of a reasonable age to perform the spells.

To enable somebody to leave you

Some people are unavoidable who include co-workers, colleagues and relatives who irritate you to the core. If you do not want them to bother you the spells prescribe you to write down their name on a sheet of paper after which the edges of the sheet of paper have to be burnt with the help of a black candle and all kinds of feelings that are associated with the people from animosity to jealousy all are released out when you burn the paper and till the last bit is left you need to dig that in a hole.

Get rid of those who harass you

 There are many spells prescribed in the folklore which take a modern outlook in the contemporary period. You can make the people chill down when they harass you or completely get rid of them from your life. You can also write the name of the person whom you do not want in your life and put it inside the balloon and fly it upwards in the sky. If the balloon bursts and the paper is thrown somewhere with the help of air dispersal then it is good for you.

If you are in a great hurry to get rid of the person then you can follow the routine of spells which does the work quicker for you. In the old age custom of Hoodoo magical tradition involve the spell of four thief vinegar which is done effectively. The basics of the spell of banishing are common but it is also in similarity to the traditional beliefs. You can make a puppet out of cloth and pin it up and burn it like effigies are burnt. Angelic banishing is another spell which uses exotic aromas and oils in their spell. The opposite of binding the relations is banishing spell which works for your advantage.

Those who hate somebody or have various enemies in their life need to take in the banishing spell in their daily activity. It is just as you are reading a book full of craft and folklore. Banishing spells do not act as a hindrance rather it erases most of the unwanted people in your life who are like miscreants. The spells help in keeping away with the conjectures and negative people from your life. It calls for a clean slate in the aspect and facets of your life and gives you much needed peace of mind that you desire for.


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Weight Loss Spells-Lose Weight Spells

Weight Loss Spells

Weight acts as a weighty issue for millions of people who are obese. No matter how much you try to cut down on your intake of food high on calorie you cannot but resist yourself from the dripping chocolate or the cheesy delights. Some need to reduce weight as their profession demands them to do so where looking good and beautiful is considered to be fashionable and for others it is a style statement. For most of the others it is imperative to reduce weight owing to health reasons. In order to go in for expensive surgeries it is safe to indulge in weight loss spells.

To reduce weight in substantial calories or for reduction of few calories depend on you and the spell that you undertake. Various spells are made for weight reduction which is the chants. The experts and the professionals of chanting prescribe food regime along with exercise and yoga that helps to reduce weight. White magic is the crux of the spells which are performed in a series. Usually on a clear moon lit night the chants are performed and you have to take certain talismans as well with you which the effect is felt quickly. The spells are performed by looking at the duration whether you want to perform it for short time or long time. Fats are stored in the body and clings on to it. The photographs do not come out well and you do not feel to go out in any social gatherings or with your friends but with weight loss spell you gain consciousness that you need to reduce weight.

To stand out in a crowd weight issue has to be addressed and when everything does not work out, weight reduction spell is your go to remedy. The spells are quite interesting as it is purely based on white magic which acts as a spiritual beacon of light in your mind and body and elevates your spirit to a different level altogether. It widens the horizon and lets you breathe in fresh air. Spells recreate the beauty and are easy to perform with flowers and petals, water and pebbles. Patience is a virtue and in order to see maximum result you have to wait patiently. Be it teenagers or older people there is no time as good as to act in the moment and go in for weight reduction spells. Further, the tree bears flowers when it is nourished with water and sunshine similarly in order to nourish your body without depriving your health weight reduction spell help you in every path.

The spell does carry guarantee that if you work in accordance to the routine as per the practitioners and dedication then the results will be successful and effective. Getting rid of all the negative vibes from your mind is also a key element which needs to be followed along with the weight loss spells that you inculcate in. You also have to measure its key ingredients for short or long duration.

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Job Spells, Money Spells Casting

Job Spells

Spells have a far reaching effect in almost every facet of life. It is often the case with ambitious and career-oriented people who want to get hold of a good job. Job related to services which are of a teacher, doctor, working in a bank or as a designer. It so happens that even talented people do not get good jobs even after many attempts and they have to struggle constantly as well as tirelessly. For those there are job spells which can be conducted specifically or in combination with other spells such as the good luck charm spell. You have to find out the cause of your inability in the initial case which will help you in your endeavours for the later life.

When you are in the direst of circumstances and face crunches related to wealth you have a place to find solace at which is at the hands of experts who conduct job spells. There are many kinds of professionals who deal in granting jobs which range from the talisman to magicians. You might be given a charm or a piece to carry with at certain intervals when you apply for a job and go in for the interview to be selected or else the chant follows the common principle which is all a part of the white magic forum. It might so happen in your life that everything goes smooth until on the verge of your last process everything falls apart. There is remedy for every cure and to make sure to find the correct remedy you have to follow the chants as per the guidelines and also keep on trying for jobs.

In case of those who are incompetent or who lack experience in the field of job market, first hand exposure has to be driven for a better ambience in life. Opportunities play a greater part in making a man and when the time comes to grab the opportunities, it is always sane to grab it with both hands since it acts as a spell knocking on your door. The spells of job have a certain time duration which varies according to your personality whether you are searching for a part time job or a full time job. Working for specific durations in a day can also be your concern which you have to keep in mind while chanting your way through the procurement of job.

For those who are unsatisfied with their present job and have constant fallouts can also take a break from their job and search for a new job. Job spells in easing out the problem of rigorous routine as well. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be driven like a mule or work as a human being in the job that you search for and accordingly allot the time and be dedicated in your search as well as in your lifestyle.  It takes miracle to turn the bad fortunes into good fortunes. At times all it takes is patience.

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Good Luck Spells-spell casting

Good Luck Spells

Often people curse their luck and fate in life when they cannot move ahead and remain stagnant at one position. Failures, bad omen and high tides are part of the same coin as good luck, success and smooth tides. There are shortcomings in everybody but to overcome from them all is a challenge. Remaining positive is a blessing but luck does play a vital role in many folklore. If you are not satisfied with your fortune, your job, career, family relation then do not be disappointed since you can turn the good luck in your favour.

In order to understand what good luck is let us know about the good luck spells. The spells are conducted as a part of the white magic routine performed by experts in the field of turning traditional beliefs into scientific medium. The spells have historical significance and authenticity but they are given a new dimension with the help of modernising features that they imbibe. The spells are certainly safe to practise but have to be followed up with a routine which needs precision and follow up. The practises include chanting which is common in the entire white magic spell. Be it for wealth, for prosperity, happiness, success and satisfaction good luck charms are an integral part of the lives of all those people who want to make their own choices in life and not be driven by the choices of fate.

There is no harm in trying for good luck charm as there are advantages:-

  • Peace of mind- for clarity of mind as well as peace of your stature, good luck charms is conducted. You can go to an expert and get your charm ready or can practise it on your own.
  • Going by the instinct- you have to go by the instinct of the charm. Just by practising the charms religiously does not bring benefit. You also have to trust your instincts in order to fulfil your aims.
  • Trying rather than laying idle- it is better to give it a try rather than asking the God’s in heaven to listen to your prayers. Even God answers prayers of those who help themselves.

The results vary from person to person but in actual terms it does wonders for all those who are trying their luck. Even bad luck is casted away when you aspire to bring in happiness in your life. Dreaming for a better future with fortune, money and satisfaction is something that is quite logical even though how worldly it might appear to be. Hesitating about the spells and charms does no benefit at all. Staying calm and composed is the way out even though tribulations seem to mount up. Life is not at all rosy as it might appear to be. There are constant hurdles and trials in every step and thorns will be there which you have to pluck it from your life to lead a prosperous and healthy life with your near and close ones.

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Breakup Spells-divorce spells-casting spells

Breakup spells

Breakup is very common these days since lack of commitment is feared by both the girls as well as boys and there are spells for it as well. Rather than being a positive energy surrounded by it the spells have a negative energy but you can turn it into positivity when you need the spell to be effective and successful. Coveted direction leads to sure shot results but the ball lies in your court whether you are really sure of that you want break up with your partner if it leads to disharmony and chaos. It is better to discontinue the relationship if it causes harm to you or to your partner.

Effects of breakup spell

Breakup spell is also meant for those whose partner is involved with a wrong person and you want to break up their relationship you have the reverse effect as well and can sincerely perform the breakup spell. Even if you are divorced from your partner and want to get back your ex you can cast a spell accordingly but then if you want to make a strong relationship with the person again then you have to cast love spell in return. The spells are considered to be simple and almost anybody can cast the spells whether you are experienced or not. If you want to cast a breakup spell on some other couple as you cannot see the relationship getting hurt emotionally then you are free to do spell as well. For short span of time the spells have become effective over the years. For maximum purpose a combination spell comprising of love spell and breakup spell is performed.

Benefits of breakup spell

  • Peace of mind- continuous struggles and commotion create havoc not only in your life, in your house but also in your mind. The mind is not at rest and to let your mind rest in peace breakup spells are casted.
  • Creating a trustful relation- when the partner cheats you, you are left with no other option but to be honest with yourself and maintain your dignity by discarding off the relationship in moments of silence performed by different kinds of spells.

Different kinds of spells for breakup

From witch crafts to hypnotised gypsy spells, to normal spells done with any sort of object and singing the incantation and repeating it from time to time are some ways by which you can cause breakup. Do not consider yourself to be a vamp when you perform breakup spell as your intentions should be wise and in your conscience you should not feel the guilt or added pressure of causing something which does not harm anybody.

Breakup spells are common in today’s society and even randomly people use it without proper guidelines and customs which are necessary. Tearing and burning the picture of your partner in flames is a common procedure which is followed and you have to keep on chanting the spells and repeat it thrice. Breakup spells is a recent origination.


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lust spells-magic spells-casting spells

Lust spells

Lust is more like yearning strongly for the person and in other words it is like craving for something die hard. Lust is an extremely powerful emotion which demands high intensity and powerful passion that should not be a roadblock in any small pebble that comes across your stony way. The path to tread for lust sometimes changes to revenge and in turn you become like a blood thirsty animal waiting for your prey. Maintaining your position while performing the lust spells gives you the desired result.

How to make the person lust you?

Lust is a strong desire which has to be controlled technically with patience since most times people associate lust with strong anger and vengeance which is not the case and you remain so then the spell will never be successful. You will need red candle and the wax should also be coated with red since you are talking about lust which is crimson red! On the candle you have to write the name of the person whom you lust for or want the person to lust you. With black marker you have to write the date of birth of the person as well. The person for whom you are conducting the spell should give you his or her useful item which you can use it in your spell. Even a lock of hair will do and you have to put off the candles and then lit up lights. The ritual is best performed during midnight when your partner is asleep and you conduct the spell. You have to visualize the person in your mind while performing the spell and keep on reciting the incantation.

The needs which are satisfied by performing lust spell

  • Emotional need- the foremost need which is satisfied is the emotional need as emotions control all other aspects of your life. When you are hurt or depressed at times lust becomes your friend and guides you.
  • Sexual need- since lust is associated with desire sexual need is another prime need which completes the boy and the girl mentally as well. Both the people become one for a lifetime.
  • Physiological need- in times of support physiological need is considered to be handy which you get when you make the person lust for you.

How effective are the lust spells?

Lust spells generate much needs strength from the person and are powerful when you perform the spells consistently according to the principles and customary rules opined either by a trusted magician, a chant or through a book. Online spells are also fast gaining momentum. Lust spells do not work unless you show lust towards your partner whether he or she is willing or unwilling. By remaining aloof and distant from your partner, throwing tantrums and imposing commands to take the spell will actually reverse the spell of lust. Hence it is congenial to wait patiently and continue to work towards the spell dictated by a practitioner who can never give you wrong implication.

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