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Commitment spells, love spells of dr saulat

Commitment spells

Commitment is one of the basics of any relationship. Without commitment, you can’t really expect a long-standing bond that would be by your side for better or for worse. It’s a very sacred feeling that only the most loyal hearts can fulfill. It’s natural to desire for commitment when you have that special person in your life. We all crave for a happy life “together” and no matter how much wealth you end up with- you cannot have that happy life if your partner is not that committed to you. Commitment spells would be a great help for you here.

Are you in a relationship but you think your lover is not really serious about you. It could be that he loves you but is afraid to commit. He might had had bitter experiences earlier and hence is scared about his new relationship as well. Do you think your husband is acting cold lately? He might be losing out on commitment towards you due to lack of romance. Well, commitment spells can address all these issues.

These spells are a form of love spells that are meant to solidify a relationship and progress it towards a strong bond for lifetime. Commitment spells arouse feelings of romance and passion in heart which inevitably makes one feel that old love and commitment towards his/her partner. You can try commitment spells on your lover when he is afraid to marry you and take things further. You can also try these spells on your spouse to bring back the lose passion and romance in your lives.

There is a wide range of commitment spells to choose from. One of the most popular one is a one that you do with a drawing of heart. To do the spell, you would need- parchment paper, love oil, red candle & red marker. First make the heart with marker on paper. Draw two droplets below the heart to show dripping blood. Next write down your name & also that of your lover on opposite side of parchment paper. Then, bathe the candle in love oil & place it straight on your heart (drawing). Light it up & utter the chant. It would be a prayer to flame & light to glow up the love and commitment between you two. Then, let your candle burn for 10 minutes. After the scheduled time, extinguish the flame. Follow the ritual everyday till the whole candle gets consumed.

Timing is very important when it comes to any spell, especially commitment spell. This particular spell has to be performed on a night of Venus. If you know about ancient Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of beauty and love. So, commitment spells run the maximum chance of success if performed on Venus nights.  Some of these spells are also performed on full moon night. Moon also plays a big part in terms of love and commitment.

However, no matter whichever spell you do, just make sure to be proper about the chant, the oil used and of course the color of the candle.

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Relationship Spells, powerful love spells that work

Relationship spells

Strong relationships are fundamental to enjoy a fulfilling life, filled with love, care, and great memories. But it takes a lot to build up and maintain a bond and sometimes even the tiniest of misunderstanding can brittle a potential chemistry. Are you trying to get really close to somebody? Are you having problems in your existing relationship? Not always mere love at your end would be enough to bind a bond and at times you would need an external energy for an added boost. This is where the relationship spells come in.

These spells support through the extra supernatural force that is desired to keep your relationship in place. However, sometimes, relationship spells are also meant to destroy an otherwise budding relationship. But you should understand the Wiccan 3 Fold law here which says whatever you do will come back to you 3 fold. So, if you cast a relationship spell to destroy a bond, you would have to face the negative consequences.

Relationship spells form a vast domain. One of them is to make a relationship more intimate and stronger. To do the spell, you would need a pink candle, sheets of paper, red pen and sandalwood oil. This spell is perfect when you are in a new relationship and both of you wish to make it work. You have to perform the ritual together with your partner. First of all, both of you will separately create lists of attributes you two admire in one another. Think well before putting your points and you have to enlist minimum 6-10 points here. Now, bring the two lists to the altar. It’s best to perform the spell on Friday nights.

Face each other comfortably and light up the candle. Now, pray to the love Goddess Aphrodite to bless you two with a powerful bond that would last forever. You have to chant the spell together and as you finish with the maxim- take out the lists & read all the points allowed. Next, dab a little bit of sandalwood oil right on the thumb & press the oiled area on each page at its top. Finally, don’t forget to thank the Goddess for joining in your spell and blow off the candle. Then, you will fold up both the papers & store it somewhere safe in your bedroom.

Another relationship spell is about a happy marriage and would be good when you are having issues in your conjugal life. To do the spell, you would need one candle, essential oil and incense. While performing the ritual, you have to visualize that your spouse is right next to you. First, you will anoint your candle with oil & light up the incense. Then, visualize that both of you are in some happy and loving situations. Now, chant the spell as a prayer to the Gods and Goddesses to bless your union with love and harmony forever.

You must know here that relationship spells are some of the most powerful spells and hence are best handled by the most experienced spellcasters. If magic is new territory for you, it’s better you be extremely cautious while casting the spell. You have to be very proper with all the ingredients and rituals. Any problem or negligence here would have the spell backfire straight to you and you will end up losing out on all your precious bonds.

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Love Binding Removal Spells

  1. Love Binding Removal

If you look around, you will notice that a plethora of information is available on the web as well as the occult books about various love binding spells but little is said about love binding removal. The purpose of magical love binding is to gain control, by means of subduing, restraining or tying to oneself, an object or a person. When you bind a person, it creates energy between two people or an object, drawing them closer. The strength of this energy depends on the binder and the bond.

Binding spells could be made of ethereal, astral, elemental or psychic energy which can be dissolved, removed, severed, cut or dispelled. Through effectively channelizing one’s own energy, any other energy form bound by others can be destroyed or severed. It is true that a person bound in a love spell might find it gruelling to practice the required level of patience and precision to remove it. Here are a few methods and techniques which can be adopted to remove the love binding spell.

  • Relaxing is the most important aspect. This will allow you to slowly enter the meditative state.
  • Accumulate your energy. Focus. First centre and then draw the energy from above, within and below and from all the seven chakras. Ground it in the form of a pillar.
  • You might require an additional source of energy to accomplish this. Take assistance from a spiritual guide who can lend you his energy. Seek the help of a crystal grid which can also accumulate your energy and channelize it towards empowerment. Keep meditating and attempt to draw the energy from the internal and external sources until you realize that your energy pillar is brimming with the power entering from your chakras.
  • You will witness your energy pillar growing and radiating pure gold light. This source of light and energy is capable of destroying anything which comes in it’s way. The pillar will now expand into a planar, circular field of energy and rise to become more radiant.
  • The energy cods of the energy pillar will stretch far making it stronger and it will begin to spin now. In this process, they will severe the love spells from each of the seven chakras.
  • As you continue to invest your energy into the pillar, the bindings of the love spell will begin to fall off, disappear, wither or turn into dust. Once the spell is undone, you will feel a sense of relief and refreshment.
  • Remain meditative for some more time till the energy pillar settles back in your body. Relax for sometime and then open your eyes. The love binding will be removed.

The above method can be easily practiced by someone who has gained complete control over his mind and body through practicing frequent and prolonged meditation. However, empowering the mind and the soul is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. Developing a sound connection with the mind can ensure faster removal of spells.

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