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Nightmare spells

Nightmares are any day (read night) frustrating. We always need a good peaceful slumber to wake up the next day afresh to take on the challenges of life in a positive spirit. This is why we wish “good night” to near and dear ones as we retire to bed at night. But then, all of us have experienced nightmares at some point in our lives. Reasons could be many and varied, ranging from stress to insecurities to depression to fear and so on. The good thing is that you have nightmare spells that can help one to get rid of the bad dreams.

You can carry on the nightmare spell on yourself or on somebody else when that person is suffering from fearful dreams at night. However, these kinds of spells will also enable you to give a poor night to someone. Yes, it’s true that we should not be the cause of nightmare for somebody but then  at times some people are evil enough to make our life a living hell. In such situations, you can punish those baddies with a nightmare spell.

There is a wide range of nightmare spells to choose from. One of them is to stop nightmare with the help of candles. To do the spell, you would need 1 small white candle and 1 silver or white ribbon.

It has to be done on a moonlit night as you would be praying to the moon. A lot of spells are carried outdoors but this one can be done in your room. Close all the lights. Sit down and tie up the candle with ribbon. Light it up & place it just before you. Focus on the flame till the eyes get closed naturally. Relax and try to visualize places or times that make you happy. As you start feeling comfortable with your visualization, move to the window with your candle & look up straight at the dark sky. Then, you will start chanting the spell. The spell is like a prayer to the moon to make your dreams beautiful. You must repeat that chant again and again which will help you to absorb more energy. Once you are full of energy, release it all over. Then, just put off the flame & take out the ribbon. Tie up that ribbon around your wrist. You can wear it for a few nights till you stop having the nightmares.

As told earlier, there are nightmare spells that give nightmares to other people. To do the spell, you would need tomato juice, one bowl as well as blood & hair of the target person. Simply mix the hair and juice in one bowl. Then, serve the drink to the target person during midnight or noon. As the person drinks the mix, pour the collected blood on your body. The target will start having nightmares within 3 days.

This is to mention here that nightmare spells can’t undo some other nightmare spell. If you want to cast a nightmare spell on somebody on whom a nightmare spell has already been cast- it’s better you wait till the effect from the previous spell is completely over and then you can try your spell.

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Nightmare Spells

Nightmare Spells

Do you have an annoying friend who needs to learn a lesson? Do you think the way he or she behaves with you is justifiable? Do you believe in the power of magic and spells? If you say yes to all the questions then you are reading the right article that will help you take revenge on this stupid person who is not fit to become a friend of yours. Introducing the nightmare spell; the nightmare spell is the perfect solution to your continuous problem. Just use this spell and you will get instant result.

Nightmare spells are one of the most important types of spells ever created and thus it holds an important position in the Spiritual Spells set of spells. With the great amount of power that resides in the Nightmare spells, the person will definitely experience some of the worst night dreams of his or her entire life. But it is advised that before using this spell, you have to be more experienced because even though this is a simple spell with very simple pronunciations, the power it holds is a lot and hence it should be used only by the coven of spell caster who have been practicing spells for years.

So how will you use this spell? It is actually easy to use this nightmare spell, as it is simple and can be pronounced easily and it works 99.99% of the time. But before you use this spell, you have to be in the same room where the victim is sleeping. Make sure that the victim is fast asleep, then take a few strands of hair from his or her head and chant the nightmare spell. You have to concentrate on the pronunciation and if the spell is casted properly, then the victim will be under pressure. The spells works its magic until the victim learns the lesson for which he or she was under the spell. Sometimes it takes more time like about a week, but in most of the cases the victim realises in three days.

Apart from casting spells to offer the victim a poor night’s sleep, these nightmare spells can also be used to remove bad dreams. People do suffer poor sleep due to bad dreams as they take out the comfort and security of sleeping. It has become a real issue and people are even suffering from insomnia due to this. But there is a solution. You can use these nightmare spells to help your friend or family by getting rid of the bad dreams they are seeing. But these spell does not work every time. If someone have casted a spell on your friend, then he cannot be helped by using the Nightmare spell.

Nightmare spells are undoubtedly one of the most powerful spells in the world and it is also a part of the Spiritual spells set. The power it possess is immense and has the ability to make the victim stay scared of getting asleep for the rest of his or her life.

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