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Commitment spells, love spells of dr saulat

Commitment spells

Commitment is one of the basics of any relationship. Without commitment, you can’t really expect a long-standing bond that would be by your side for better or for worse. It’s a very sacred feeling that only the most loyal hearts can fulfill. It’s natural to desire for commitment when you have that special person in your life. We all crave for a happy life “together” and no matter how much wealth you end up with- you cannot have that happy life if your partner is not that committed to you. Commitment spells would be a great help for you here.

Are you in a relationship but you think your lover is not really serious about you. It could be that he loves you but is afraid to commit. He might had had bitter experiences earlier and hence is scared about his new relationship as well. Do you think your husband is acting cold lately? He might be losing out on commitment towards you due to lack of romance. Well, commitment spells can address all these issues.

These spells are a form of love spells that are meant to solidify a relationship and progress it towards a strong bond for lifetime. Commitment spells arouse feelings of romance and passion in heart which inevitably makes one feel that old love and commitment towards his/her partner. You can try commitment spells on your lover when he is afraid to marry you and take things further. You can also try these spells on your spouse to bring back the lose passion and romance in your lives.

There is a wide range of commitment spells to choose from. One of the most popular one is a one that you do with a drawing of heart. To do the spell, you would need- parchment paper, love oil, red candle & red marker. First make the heart with marker on paper. Draw two droplets below the heart to show dripping blood. Next write down your name & also that of your lover on opposite side of parchment paper. Then, bathe the candle in love oil & place it straight on your heart (drawing). Light it up & utter the chant. It would be a prayer to flame & light to glow up the love and commitment between you two. Then, let your candle burn for 10 minutes. After the scheduled time, extinguish the flame. Follow the ritual everyday till the whole candle gets consumed.

Timing is very important when it comes to any spell, especially commitment spell. This particular spell has to be performed on a night of Venus. If you know about ancient Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of beauty and love. So, commitment spells run the maximum chance of success if performed on Venus nights.  Some of these spells are also performed on full moon night. Moon also plays a big part in terms of love and commitment.

However, no matter whichever spell you do, just make sure to be proper about the chant, the oil used and of course the color of the candle.

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Black Magic and White Magic Spells

Black Magic And White Magic

The world of magic is anyday intriguing with all its enigma and mystique aura. But magic is not always the same. Since time immemorial there has been a strong debate on black magic and white magic and that too for solid reasons. Yes, there is a stark difference between black & white magic.

First of all, there is a clear difference in how these two terms are spelt. While white magic ends with “c”, the actual terminology of black magick ends with “k”. Quite literally, as black color defines something dark, black magick refers to the shady realm of magic. On the other hand, the color white symbolizes something pure and good- simultaneously, white magic stands for something benevolent and positive. This is to mention here that black magicians do not find it wrong to to deceive or lie to people. But a devoted white magician will never lie and might use some allegory as a veil to skirt the mysteries from profane.

Black magic mostly focuses on the magician’s selfish desires & vested interests. But white magic is committed to greater good that centers around betterment of humanity, protection of fraternity & peace. Magic is definitely a part of white magic but then it’s relieved from all the shady dimensions of it while the black magic is especially focused on the murky edge of magic- or should we say “magick”.

If you want a more simple definition, black magic is deployed to cause harm or hurt a person. But white magic is mostly dedicated to heal a problem. Black magic takes to dark arts like malevolent curses & these black spells are usually related to animal sacrifice, Satanism as well as necromancy. When it comes to white magic, it’s all about natural magic, instead of dark arts or spirits. Even if some white magic spells concern with spirits, those would be about benevolent spirits. White magic mostly involves divination & healing. It also works for blessing or gathering information but white magic spells would never haunt a person or would be directed to cause harm in anybody’s life.

White magicians mostly use conjurations, prayers, holy water, incense smoke, blessed oils and charms. At its most aggressive state, white magic might mean reversing a magic spell back to the magician. It could also imply sticking an evil attacker to prevent him or her from harming anybody. The entire essence of white magic lies in creating a positive aura around and protect people from the bad energies. There is no selfish or vested interest here, unlike the black magic, where the main motive is to harm people and that too for the selfish reasons of the magician or any bad person who only means ill for somebody.

The power of magic is overwhelming- it can brighten the day or can even push one to forever doom, depending on the method you choose. Thus, when you practice magic, you have to be really careful.

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Protection Rituals

Protection Rituals

At times you feel like nothing is going right. It could be because of the ill intentions of an evil person or spirit who only wishes “bad” for you. In such situations, its best to go for protection rituals that form a guarding shield across you to safeguard you from such menacing intentions- bringing your life back to order. In fact, there are various protection spells to protect you here.

These spells could be used to protect you or any near and dear one who you deem to be under the influence of any evil attention. The spells will create some protective egg or bubble around you or the person you wish to protect. You have to imagine and feel the bubble surrounding you which will thwart any unpleasant vibration targeted towards you. As you imagine yourself within the protective bubble, sense your vibrations are exiting through it and also that the bubble is not preventing good energy from reaching you. You have to have the firm believe that no external negative energy can penetrate the protective bubble.

After you have sensed the bubble around you, slowly exhale and sense your moist warm breath carrying the pure vibration – “your essence” into that bubble. You have to fill the bubble with the good vibration. Take several breath sensing that good vibration inside you.

You have to fill up your bubble with various colors as certain shades work better for different situations and times. Each color carries different vibration. In some cases, you can even fill up your protective bubble with various protective images which resonate with your persona or specific situations. Go for specific potent symbols such as pentagram, outside your bubble to strengthen the bubble membrane. What more, you are even allowed to imagine slogans around the bubble like “Negative vibrations blocked” or “Keep out”.

You have to assure that the protective bubble reaches under the feet & offers full coverage for your back. Stay grounded & breathe correctly.

One of the popular protection spells here is “Thread Bottle” spell. You will need 1 clear long-necked bottle and thread leavings (2”). The glass bottle will store the magically-charged objects. It will trap the bad energy & prevent them from reaching you. Over time, you would fill the glass bottle with the thread snippets. However, it must be mentioned here that the thread snippets used in this ritual must be the left-overs from the previous sewing projects & do not use fresh thread snippets. As the bottle gets filled with thread snippets, raise the energy & charge your bottle. Keep it by the side of your window. It will create a tangle around your house to keep away thieves, burglars and other people with ill intentions from your home.

Another popular spell here is wolf-protection spell where you will have a spirit of a strong ferocious wolf protecting you from evil forces. You would need a picture of wolf, green candles, white candle, holy water, protection oil, cakes & one lunar drunk. Then, you will have to summon wholeheartedly the wolf’s spirit to protect you from the evil.

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Illusion Spells

Illusion Spells
An illusion can be defined as a kind of distortion of our senses; it goes against how the brain, in ordinary circumstances, interprets and organizes sensory stimulation. In other words, an illusion is technically a distortion of reality- it is a belief in something that isn’t really happening! Have you been getting the feeling that someone has been throwing dust in your eyes? Or do you think you’ve been blind to the faults of others? Or maybe you feel that you’ve been living an illusion all this while? Well, there is only one way out of this maze. How, you ask? The answer would be an illusion spell. An illusion spell has a multifarious use, and can prove to be immensely helpful, if used right.

Illusion spells come under the category of life spells, and like all life spells, these are extremely potent and powerful. Such a spell actually works both ways. As mentioned above, an illusion spell may help you break the illusion you think you’ve been living under. It can awaken your senses and help you embrace reality. On the other hand, an illusion spell may also help you induce illusions, if the need arises. For example, if someone has been hoodwinking you, or playing the nuance with you, you can pay him back by creating an illusion. Moreover, if there is something you need to hide from someone, you can use this illusion spell to make sure he or she never finds out.

Wondering how this spell works? Well, it is quite simple really. The spell you cast will depend to a great extent on your purpose. If you’re planning to break an illusion, the spell you use will be a reversal of the spell used to cast an illusion. Whatever the purpose may be, you need to make sure that you get your spell right. As you already know, this spell, while extremely fruitful, can be very dangerous as well. If you make a mistake while casting the spell, you may even end up harming the person in question; cases have even been reported where a seemingly insignificant mistake while casting the spell had adverse consequences for the caster himself.

When it comes to spells, you need to be absolutely sure and clear as to the purpose. More often than not, users get confused between hallucinations and illusions. A hallucination is a vision, or seeing something that isn’t real. An illusion is the belief that what is occurring is real, whereas the reality is quite different. Some spells can even be used for optical illusions; these are less potent spells which are perfect if you want to indulge in a bit of harmless fun.
Illusion spells are extremely popular amongst those who want to distort the senses of others as a way of payback or revenge. If you think someone has been tricking you, you could do the same by using an illusion spell. As with all spells, a degree of cautiousness is recommended while dealing with this spell. If the spell is cast properly, the person becomes completely dependent on you, and sees only what you want them to see. That is quite some power, and would be a great way to exercise your authority.

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Mind Reading Spells

Mind reading  Spells
Have you been wondering what people think about you lately? Or have you been plagued by thoughts that someone may be conspiring against you? Do you want to see yourself from the perspective of others? Do you think someone you love has been hiding something from you or cheating on you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually read the minds of those around you? Well, then there is only one way to ensure that – mind reading spells. A mind reading spell would allow you to read the person in front of you like a book. Of course, you do not literally read the person’s mind, instead you hear their thoughts. So every time you think someone is hiding their thoughts or lying to you, you’ll be able to cast the spell and find out for yourself.

Mind reading spells are really powerful, effective and fruitful. So how does this amazing spell actually work? It is actually very simple, since it is largely dependent on your mind. Before you cast the spell, you must practice the art of meditation. Your mind needs to be absolutely free of all kinds of worries, tensions, stress and thoughts. You need to achieve complete silence within your mind, so that you’re able to hear the thoughts of others clearly. You must be able visualize what you’re planning to do in order to proceed. Having reached a state of utmost calm and inner peace, you’re ready to cast the spell.

The first time you use the spell, you may not be able to hear anything. Well, don’t be disheartened. Even the worlds greatest experts took their own sweet time to master this art, you will too! Practice makes perfect, and with sufficient practice you too will be able to make the most of this spell. In the meantime, you can work on your mediation skills and visualization powers. Now most spells as potent and powerful as the mind reading spell have adverse side effects which could potentially harm the caster. But most people who have used the spell have reported that this particular spell does not have too many pitfalls. The only downside is that if you fail, you’ll have to go right back to the start, which can be quite stressful for your mind. However, there is one thing you must keep in mind. If you cast the wrong spell, you could end up enabling the person in front of you to read your mind. Yes, a single mistake might cause the spell to be reversed and you certainly want to avoid that at all costs. That is precisely why you need to be absolutely sure of the words you’re uttering before you take the plunge.

Well, now you know the secret to reading someone’s mind. But using a spell for wrong purposes could have severe consequences for the user. Ask yourself if you really need to use the spell before casting it; only then should you proceed. With a spell as powerful as the mind reading spell, it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious!

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Candle Love Spell

Candle Love Spell

Who does not desire to be loved and cherished? Love Spells are one of the first magic practices which we learn. While some of us eagerly hope that the person of our dreams will give us one glance, others pin for their first love while, the rest yearn for the estranged lover. Desperate times generally usher desperate measures and the exquisite world of magic beckons us to help us navigate through the emotional turmoil.

In order to benefit from any of the love spells, one must have faith in the universe that it will send true love. Below are the most popular of the numerous candle love spells.

White Candle Love Spell

You need to place a thick and new white candle on the altar or a tabletop and surround it with things you love such as white pebbles, fresh flowers, sea shells, stationery or any word which is close to your heart, written on a piece of paper. Pluck a thorn from a white rose bush and inscribe on the candle ‘All my love to come to me’ three times. You can pluck a thorn from any rose bush if you cannot find a white rose one. Light the candle and watch it burn. Imagine that the love of your life is approaching you slowly, with a heart filled with love. Channelize all your energy on your visualization and remain focussed till the candle is completely burnt out. Once this happens, put everything, including the molten wax puddle left behind by the candle, in a secured place.

Pink Candle Spell

A Pink Candle spell in performed on Friday nights to attract the love of your life. You will require a new pink candle, a pen with your favourite colour of ink and some white paper. Write your name and your lovers name on it and draw a circle around them. Now close your eyes and visualize both of you together sharing love and bliss. Repeat ‘Our fates are united. We are born to become one. It is done’ three times. Concentrate on your visualization till the candle completely burns out. The spell will work at it’s best if you practice it on seven consecutive Friday nights.

Whenever you perform any kind of candle love spell, ensure that you use fresh candles. Pre ignited candles come with energies from their previous use and this might interrupt with the effects of the spell you intend to perform.

Love spells can seem magical however it cannot make something happen which has not been decided by the Universe. Therefore, the candle love spell can become ineffective if you intend to force someone to fall in love with you. Through the candle love spell, you open the various positive energy channels within yourself and let the power of nature guide you to the right person. It helps you remove obstacles, enhance positive thoughts and harbour subdued emotions. Above all, Candle Love spells restores your faith in yourself and helps you to gain the momentum of life.

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Defence Spells

Defense Spell

Everyone needs a good defence that will help you from all the harm and atrocities that you are facing. You can prepare yourself in ways which will help you to defend yourself, or you can obviously take help that will provide you a wide range of choice. In magic, spell casters have created spells which specializes in defending people. These spells are extremely potent and when they are casted on a person, no other spell will be able to influence the person in any way. These spells, which are also known as the defence spells, are well known for their potency and excellent work.

One should never get confused between protection spell and defence spell. Though protection and defence are synonymous, the spells that are represented by this words, surely do not work the same way. Protection spells, like defence spells are very powerful but it is used only to protect and safeguard the person from negative influences and evil spells casted against him or her. Defence spells on the other hand creates a highly guarded fortress around the person and disallows the entry of any spell, good or evil that has been casted for the person.

Defence spells is a part of the Spiritual spells category, which also includes important spells like love spells, good luck spells, etc. Spiritual spells are said to contain the real power and all this spells are known as the child of real magic. This explains the reason why the defence spells are so powerful and fortified. The defence spells are known as some of the most powerful spells that you can find in the spell book. But the execution and the way it works is really simple and easy. The spell needs to be casted by an experienced spell caster as they are powerful, only an experienced spell caster can conjure up and cast the spell. When the spell is casted on the person, no changes are recorded, but the spell creates a shield that does not let any spell to affect the person even if it is a good spell or an evil spell.

The defence spells are as you know, very potent and people who have used the spell, has always been happy with the way it worked for them. It is so powerful that it can also defend the person from the evil spirits, which are undoubtedly some of powerful beings of the world. But as we have seen in the case of other powerful spells and charms, defence spells do not have any negative effect if the spell backfires. There has been very few instances where the spell has backfired, but it has not created any ill effect on the spell casters or the person on whom it is casted. All that is required is to use the best and exact ingredients and great care should be taken when the spell is casted. So whenever you need the help to defend yourself from harm, opt for the defence spells.

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Herbalist Healer online

Herbalist Healer

A herbalist healer is one who uses natural herbs to cure illness. Although the skeptics take it as quackery yet they do not know that successful use of herbs as medicines have been a dominant practice in ancient civilizations- since time immemorial. Archaic Egyptian papyrus & Chinese writings offer insights on medicinal use of herbs or plants. In fact, herbalist healers are also common in India and African countries. The traditional Ayurvedic and Unani healing from India bear testimony to the practice of herbal healing since centuries.  It was the great Hippocrates who penned the first ever herbal medicinal record in the Greek dialect in around 400 B.C.

Herbs are blessed with abundant properties that can cure illnesses and infections. You would be amazed to know that a herbalist healer can heal any sort of medical condition- ranging from the common cough & cold to severe issues like cancer. The herbalist healers can even treat conditions like small penis, erectile dysfunction, small breasts etc. In fact, these healers can also treat mental or psychological conditions. In simple words, it can be said that herbalist healers could be your guide in leading a physically, sexually and mentally active life.

The herbalist healers modify the herbs in several forms such as capsules, ointments, creams, oils, balms and so on for the consumption of the patients. They use various parts of a plant such as flowers, leaves, roots, berries or seeds to create the herbal healing potions.

Herbal healing comes with both spiritual and nutritional value that would heal physically & spiritually at a fraction of cost compared to conventional medical practices. The herbalist healers generally take a holistic approach that help to cure multiple ailments of the patients. The herbs have the power to equip the body with preventive nutrition that will make it more immune to illnesses.  The best part is that, herbalist healing assures no side effects which is common with usual chemical-based pharmaceutical drugs. Conventional medicines are usually very intrusive & the harmful additives present in them contaminate our bodies further- leading to more diseases. On the contrary, herbalist healers offer a safer approach given their complete inclination to natural resources that are free from harmful additives.

It’s to note here that herbs are enriched with spiritual properties which help to balance the spirituality of the person & align his energies in aura and chakras. The herbalist healers use these spiritual healing aspects of herbs to ensure holistic healing for both physical and spiritual components of the patients. According to the seasoned herbalist healers, the herbs help to – clear negative energies, purify the soul, prevent nightmares, restore youth, banish illness, assure happy relationships, ward off negativity, attract prosperity, enhance spiritual regeneration and remove obstacles.

Herbalist healers are present all across the world today. If you are looking to get in touch with a herbalist healer, you can find them over the internet. The best ones are seasoned herbalists with a comprehensive know-how on different herbs and their specific healing properties. The best one even offer a cash back guarantee.

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spiritual healers online

Spiritual Healers

Spiritual healing can be defined as the oldest form of healing known. The spiritual healers have been present in every tribe & society, cutting across borders and time. A spiritual healer channelizes power of spirit to cure the sick or to guide a tribe through a crisis situation. In simple words, these healers banks on the exploration, awareness & integration of the spirit with the person’s mental, emotional and physical sides to ensure a harmonious, balanced & meaningful life.

Spiritual healing channelizes healing energies via a healer to his patient. It relaxes & re-energizes the patient, helping them to utilize their very own natural energy to treat any injury or illness. The healer directs the energy (mostly through hands) to supplement reduced energy of the patient & helps the patient to release his own healing ability to handle the issue successfully. Your healer will channel the healing from Spirit, the Almighty.

The spiritual healers can look after any kind of injury, stress or illness. This archaic healing process could be helpful for a broad array of physical & psychological conditions. In fact, spiritual healers have even helped is remarkable recovery of terminally ill patients- however, they would also help in taking a better approach to your everyday stresses & strains. In short, spiritual healing would be beneficial for anybody lacking the harmony of mind, body or spirit. It can be applied to both humans and animals. There are usually no side effects with spiritual healing.

When it comes to spiritual healing with touch or contact, the healer will explain the entire procedure to you and will proceed only if you are completely comfortable & positive about the approach. The best spiritual healers always follow a strict Code of Conduct when it comes placing their hands on the patient.

Spiritual healers also heal through different spiritual aides such as charms, spells etc. Spell casting is a very common form of spiritual healing and a wide variety of spells are there to help you in dealing with a crisis. There are love spells to heal a broken heart, money spells to balance a financial crisis, beauty spells to make one more attractive and so on.

Spiritual healers also count on gem stones to cure their patients. Every one of us has a typical complementary gem stone according to our star horoscopes which can be really helpful in creating a meaningful life. Your spiritual healer can suggest on the right gem stone for you that will help to ward off negative energies around you- leading you to a better, positive life.

You can take to spiritual healing independently or as a secondary aide to an already ongoing conventional treatment process. A lot of people who have opted for spiritual healing have reported a new understanding  of their own spiritual being. They generally talk about an awesome feeling of deep love & expansion as if they were actually radiating a beautiful brilliant energy.

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Candles Magic, Casting Spells

Candles Magic

Besides the magic which is performed by magic sticks in television serial or movies, candle magic is one of those magic spells which is useful and realistic though it is neglected or overlooked by many people. But it is believed that it may change and improve one’s life. Candle magic can be performed anywhere with just with a small amount of money at hand. It is one of the simplest forms of performing magic. As we know that burning a candle is very common as it does not involve any costly items and fancy rites. Since many ages, the candle burning magic is performed and it is very easy to carry out. It is done all over the globe without any prejudice. Candle burning is very common even on the occasion of birthday parties.

Candle magic in reality is believed to be a perceptive magic, it basically has a law that controls the power of attraction. Burning of candle is essentially a means by which a person dedicates his full vigor and will power in order to achieve their needs and dreams. But most of the uneducated people relate burning of candle as black magic or mysterious magic. Thus we can say that Candle burning practices are not made just for black enchantment.

Candle magic can be performed by two methods; people will get to know more about candle magic, with these two methods.

  • The first method is simple. It is done in a quite area. Focusing only on what are your wishes and by repeating easy key phrases again and again. It lasts for long as per human needs.
  • And the next method is quite advanced. In this method one may require a lot of tools such as herb plant and natural products that may facilitate the experts to attain the height of attentiveness which they wish. It may entail a lot of preparations and can last for weeks or months depending on one’s desire.

The red color candle indicates love and strength while green symbolizes fertility and money but it is believed that white candle should be made into practice as it is alternative for all colors. It is also essential that the idle part of the candle should be lit up to imply the meaning of clarity in the rituals.

Certain things will happen before your candle completely dissolves, if you are applying the right kind of energy magic:

  1. Good fortune- Good luck symbol is very positive when you have the desire to change your life into a better one.
  2. Love- You will not only find love but will also fortify your relationship with those who are in your life. This symbol will help you to get words if you don’t know what to say at the time of arguments.
  3. Wealth- This exciting sign is helpful to bring wealth into one’s life. Don’t use this symbol to be successful in lotteries.
  4. Goods- Make use of this sign to get materials goods like car, furniture, etc.Email Dr Saulat at ,
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