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Energy Spells, Magic Spells

Energy spells

Energy is what that steers the world. It’s a powerful force which is the core reason for the existence of life and everything we do. This way, there are both positive and negative energies. To lead a happy healthy life, we have to surround ourselves with positive energy as much as possible and kick away all the negative forces. Energy spells are an awesome thing here as they are meant to boost up the level of positive energy around us to guard us from the evils. These are a type of force spells.

You have a versatile array of energy spells to choose from. A very popular spell here is meant to draw a good dose of positive energy towards you. To do the spell you would need 1 little magnet, 1 flame-proof dish, 1 candle, paper and pen. Make a circle & light your candle. Then, sit before it and start to breathe deeply. Next, write your wish on the paper & wrap it around your magnet. Push good energy force into both and while doing that visualize the entire thing glowing bright in positive light. Then, you will start chanting spell. It would be something like a prayer to make the magnet pull in positive energy towards you. As you chant the spell, imagine good positive things happening in your life. Next, you will separate the paper from magnet & burn it with the candle flame & place it in flame-proof dish. Close the circle and you should always carry that magnet with you.

Then, you have another energy spell that would enable you to banish all the negative forces around you and bring in the positive light to your life. To do the spell, you would need non-spell candles, 1 jar, black candle, carving tool, matches, dragon’s blood incense and darkness. Light up non-spell candles & set them aside. You have to practice the ritual in a dark room. Light the dragon’s blood incense. Take your black in both hands and pray that all the negative emotions, pain and bad thoughts get into that wax. Then, carve some inspirations words into that candle. Put it in your jar. Get one matchstick in one hand & think about positivity & hope and also make yourself visualize losing grip on negativities in life. Then, light the black candle with the same match stick. Smudge some incense on your body. Focus on the candle & as you see wax melting, imagine all your negativities melting away. You must not put out the candle just like that and wait till it burns out considerably. Then, blow out your non-spell candles & switch on the lights. Store the black candle (inside the jar) in a safe place where it won’t be touched by anybody.

It’s to note here that you have to be really particular with the energy spells. These spells are very powerful and if you are wrong with the ingredients or rituals or casting, the spells can backfire creating a reverse effect.

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Black Magic and White Magic Spells

Black Magic And White Magic

The world of magic is anyday intriguing with all its enigma and mystique aura. But magic is not always the same. Since time immemorial there has been a strong debate on black magic and white magic and that too for solid reasons. Yes, there is a stark difference between black & white magic.

First of all, there is a clear difference in how these two terms are spelt. While white magic ends with “c”, the actual terminology of black magick ends with “k”. Quite literally, as black color defines something dark, black magick refers to the shady realm of magic. On the other hand, the color white symbolizes something pure and good- simultaneously, white magic stands for something benevolent and positive. This is to mention here that black magicians do not find it wrong to to deceive or lie to people. But a devoted white magician will never lie and might use some allegory as a veil to skirt the mysteries from profane.

Black magic mostly focuses on the magician’s selfish desires & vested interests. But white magic is committed to greater good that centers around betterment of humanity, protection of fraternity & peace. Magic is definitely a part of white magic but then it’s relieved from all the shady dimensions of it while the black magic is especially focused on the murky edge of magic- or should we say “magick”.

If you want a more simple definition, black magic is deployed to cause harm or hurt a person. But white magic is mostly dedicated to heal a problem. Black magic takes to dark arts like malevolent curses & these black spells are usually related to animal sacrifice, Satanism as well as necromancy. When it comes to white magic, it’s all about natural magic, instead of dark arts or spirits. Even if some white magic spells concern with spirits, those would be about benevolent spirits. White magic mostly involves divination & healing. It also works for blessing or gathering information but white magic spells would never haunt a person or would be directed to cause harm in anybody’s life.

White magicians mostly use conjurations, prayers, holy water, incense smoke, blessed oils and charms. At its most aggressive state, white magic might mean reversing a magic spell back to the magician. It could also imply sticking an evil attacker to prevent him or her from harming anybody. The entire essence of white magic lies in creating a positive aura around and protect people from the bad energies. There is no selfish or vested interest here, unlike the black magic, where the main motive is to harm people and that too for the selfish reasons of the magician or any bad person who only means ill for somebody.

The power of magic is overwhelming- it can brighten the day or can even push one to forever doom, depending on the method you choose. Thus, when you practice magic, you have to be really careful.

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Summon spells

Summon Spells

Summon spells are special type of spells that are used to conjure objects and spirits which will help you to complete some task for which you have summoned them. Every magician uses the summon spells. It is a spell some magicians use to show tricks to common people but these spells are really powerful and has the ability to do a lot more. So it is of utmost importance for all the new magicians and spell casters to learn and cast the summon spells to conjure objects and spirits as it will help them to learn and use different spells more properly and easily

Summon spells are extremely popular and has been mentioned in ancient folklores. We have even seen these spells being used in movies like Harry potter, but they are used mainly to conjure objects. The summon spells to conjure objects are relatively simple spells that are very easy to cast and generally have no negative impact on the spell caster when this spell is miss cast. It is mainly used by the spell casters to find objects and things that they require or to assist them on other work like cleaning the house, etc. So these spells are really famous and most used by the spell casters and has been some of the best spells in the history of magic spells

Summon spells to conjure spirits are very powerful spells that is practiced by the experienced spell casters only. This spells gives you immense power to bring back spirits from the dead who might help you in your endeavours. The spells are generally used to summon these spirits and learn about things which were kept as secrets by these spirits before death. This use of the summon spell has helped a lot of people to find their stuff and also to inherit the property. The spells are also used to summon evil spirits who are ordered by the spell caster to bring misfortune and ill health to the target. Other than this reasons, the spells are also used by witches and dark magicians to summon demons from whom they readily and easily draw power to bring harm and danger to everyone. The spells are really dangerous and very powerful and has the ability to bring back the most powerful demons into the world.

Summon spells are widely used by all the spell casters due to its fast action and has been able to aid the spell casters successfully. The spells to conjure objects is one of the best magic spells ever created that has been able to help the spell caster with their daily chores. The spells to conjure spirits are extremely dangerous and advanced and only practiced by the experienced spell caster and only for important reasons. It is a known fact that when these spells are miss casted by the spell caster, the caster gets haunted for the rest of their lives by the demons and tormented souls that the spell caster was trying to conjure. So be careful will you use these spells.

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Strength Spells, Magic Spells

Strength Spells

From time immemorial we have read about great men who have used their godly strength to fight against huge armies and defended the country. We always think of a hero as a person who have immense strength both physical and mental to withstand the wrongdoings and fight against it. We get inspired from this characters and thus try our level best to be more strong and agile, but sometimes it is too tough to acquire that level of strength. To solve this problem and use the immense strength, you need to be casted with the powerful spell, known as the strength spell.

We have learnt this from our childhood that exercise and training is the key to achieve a good health and immense strength that will help you in your life. But that does not always work in your favour. For instance, you are training yourself every day, pushing the limits and working really hard to win the marathon in the city, but on the day you fall behind. To help you succeed the strength spells works as a supplement. When this spells are casted on the person, the person acquires unspeakable amount of strength that helps the person to do the insurmountable things on earth.

Strength spells are very famous among spell casters and magicians and has been the reason for some of the unique feats that the human have been able to achieve throughout history. It is not only used to solve problems, but it can also be used to show off and inspire others. With the use of the strength spell, you can easily lift the bed to get the toy out that your girlfriend’s brother has lost, or you can use this strength to push cars out of potholes and receive admiration from the people. It is an excellent spell for everyone.

Strength spells are very easy to cast and does not depend on the experience of the spell caster. When the spell is casted, the target of the spell acquires strength for a short period of time. The advantage of this spell is that it cannot be reversed, but it will definitely fade off after the stipulated amount of time. It should also be noted that the spell caster cannot determine the lasting effect of the strength spell, but they do play a role in determining how strong and powerful the target becomes after the spell is casted on them

Strength spells has been one of the most used spells by magicians throughout history of mankind which has led to the creation of some of most popular and famous fables of all time. The person after getting casted becomes immensely strong and is able to do things which he could not have done in his normal state. So if you are looking for a spell that will make you more stronger so that you can able to achieve the impossible or impress your girlfriend, then the strength spell will be the best bet for you.

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spiritual healers online

Spiritual Healers

Spiritual healing can be defined as the oldest form of healing known. The spiritual healers have been present in every tribe & society, cutting across borders and time. A spiritual healer channelizes power of spirit to cure the sick or to guide a tribe through a crisis situation. In simple words, these healers banks on the exploration, awareness & integration of the spirit with the person’s mental, emotional and physical sides to ensure a harmonious, balanced & meaningful life.

Spiritual healing channelizes healing energies via a healer to his patient. It relaxes & re-energizes the patient, helping them to utilize their very own natural energy to treat any injury or illness. The healer directs the energy (mostly through hands) to supplement reduced energy of the patient & helps the patient to release his own healing ability to handle the issue successfully. Your healer will channel the healing from Spirit, the Almighty.

The spiritual healers can look after any kind of injury, stress or illness. This archaic healing process could be helpful for a broad array of physical & psychological conditions. In fact, spiritual healers have even helped is remarkable recovery of terminally ill patients- however, they would also help in taking a better approach to your everyday stresses & strains. In short, spiritual healing would be beneficial for anybody lacking the harmony of mind, body or spirit. It can be applied to both humans and animals. There are usually no side effects with spiritual healing.

When it comes to spiritual healing with touch or contact, the healer will explain the entire procedure to you and will proceed only if you are completely comfortable & positive about the approach. The best spiritual healers always follow a strict Code of Conduct when it comes placing their hands on the patient.

Spiritual healers also heal through different spiritual aides such as charms, spells etc. Spell casting is a very common form of spiritual healing and a wide variety of spells are there to help you in dealing with a crisis. There are love spells to heal a broken heart, money spells to balance a financial crisis, beauty spells to make one more attractive and so on.

Spiritual healers also count on gem stones to cure their patients. Every one of us has a typical complementary gem stone according to our star horoscopes which can be really helpful in creating a meaningful life. Your spiritual healer can suggest on the right gem stone for you that will help to ward off negative energies around you- leading you to a better, positive life.

You can take to spiritual healing independently or as a secondary aide to an already ongoing conventional treatment process. A lot of people who have opted for spiritual healing have reported a new understanding  of their own spiritual being. They generally talk about an awesome feeling of deep love & expansion as if they were actually radiating a beautiful brilliant energy.

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Hyacinth Spell, magic spells, saulat.com

The Hyacinth Spell

This spell is basically used when a person has two lovers at the same time and he /she is suffering from a dilemma of which lover to choose. He has to make a choice for lifetime and has to choose the one with whom he would wish to settle down forever. The following spell would help you to make the choice. It will clear your viewpoint and show you the right path that would be beneficial for you entire lifetime. You will require the following items to perform the spell:

  • two bulbs of hyacinth flower
  • two flowering pots
  • a new pin
  • compost for potting

You will have to write down the initial letter of you first lover’s name on the first bulb and that of the second lover’s name on the second bulb. If by chance, both of them have the same initials then incorporate the second letter of their names in the bulbs. Now as you plant these bulbs in the pot, you will have to chant the following:

“As these bulbs grow and grow with time, let it be known to me with the passage of time, the person who shall suit me the best while no harm s caused to the other person.” Invoke the universe and pray that they let it happen.

You must remember which bulb had what name. This pot having the bulbs must be kept in a dark room. The bulb that flowers first is the person you must choose as your life partner.

Hyacinth spell can also help you to quit smoking or drinking. Or if you are overweight then this spell can help your reduce your weight.  For this you need the following items:

  • a pot
  • compost for flowering
  • hyacinth bulbs

You have to fill the pot with compost and plant the hyacinth in it. While doing this, imagine yourself avoiding smoke or drink or sticking to a healthy diet. While patting the compost nine times say: “with the powers by which these hyacinth bulbs grow, I desire that my addiction ( ) to go. This desire should harm nobody. Let it happen.”

The next time that you feel addicted to smoking or drinking or to have something unhealthy, take them to a place where you can pour it into a container. Now the flower pot must be taken to a place where the bulb can be planted. While doing this, you must chant: “I am burying this in you, Mother Earth so that you can grant it with a new life after the decaying process. This should cause no harm to anybody and so let it happen.”

Now you have to breathe and smell the fragrance of the flowering plant and thank Mother Earth for her blessings on you. Discard the rest of the remaining substances in the soil. Whenever from this time onwards, you feel tempted to get your addiction, you should run to the pot and smell the bulbs, thanking Mother Earth again for her lovely fragrance and her abundance mercy on you.

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soul mate spells, spells casting, love spells

Soul Mate Spell

You have been single in your life for a long time and now you want to get your soul mate with the help of candles spells and white magic. This process of getting soul mate can be achieved but the main point here is that you have to be very precise in what you are really yearning to get. This is a spell that permits you to see who you are destined to be with.

It is senseless to say that you have not met your soul mate or partner yet. One day you may get a partner but you may not be fully satisfied with him or her because you didn’t mention in your prayers, what exactly you wanted. You have to be very particular in this matter and ask the universe to grant you the partner who has certain specific qualities.

The person whom you desire to meet is tall or short, fat or thin, old or young- try to imagine the picture. Would you like them to have a job or business? Again be specific in this matter. Be precise of what color eyes you want him/her to have. A good, clean person who is well mannered is obviously desired.

A good human being, who laughs with you and always smiles, never gets angry, a man who knows your importance- all these are the qualities which you must specify.

Is he financially fit? This is the biggest question to ask- whether he is financially sound or not. A man who loves you forever and spends time with you is something you long for.

You can even make your own list or add some other points which you feel are important, it’s up to you. But sit down think about it and look what you really come up with. This matter should not be taken lightly.

Following things you may be required to perform the spell

  • 1 white candle 12 cm in height and 1 cm in width
  • 2 imitations gold wedding bands
  • a piece of gold strings
  • In the evening, on a waxing moon is the ideal time to perform this.


Tie up the two gold rings, with the gold strings. This will join the ring together and so you and your soul mate will bind similarly. Now place the tied rings above the candle and run them down the length of the candle and allow the candle to sit in the center of the attached rings. Now the requests which you have prepared, take it in your hand so that you can begin the rites. Now burn the candle and as you do so read your request with this lit candle and spend some time placing your request to the universe. Keep invoking the desires, until the candle blows off. As soon as the candle blows off to the bottom pick up the two gold rings which are tied up with gold string and put them in a safe place.

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Obsession Spell

Obsession Spell

Obsession spells are regarded as one of the strongest love spell. It is much more than lust and love. The person who casts this spell shows how powerful his desire is to get back the person.

Obsession love spell are generally casted to attract your partner, bring them closer to you and get addicted to you. Your partner will start showing interest in you. Do you want your husband or wife to continuously think about you, or want them to miss you all time then you must cast a love spell that will pack your lover with lot of obsession about you.

Obsession love spell has highest rate of efficiency. If your partner is very careless about you then this love spell will truly make things work out. Obsession spells are very successful and sturdy to hold and compel a man’s heart and mind, gradually forcing your lover in your favor.

Losing a relationship can off track your life’s pace to the point where you may start searching for help to get back on the right way. Obsession spells help us in a great way for losing our interest in life. The desire, the want, the love that you wish from your partner will be forever yours after this spell has been casted. This spell will ensure that your partner is back to you and dreams about you every night. There shall be no other girl in his mind except you.

Following are the things that you may require to cast the spell:

  1. Jar
  2. Cotton
  3. 1 piece of brown paper
  4. Red pen
  5. Red candle

Now given is the procedure to perform the spell. Just follow it in the exact manner and see how your life changes.

On a piece of paper write your name and your spouse or lover’s name. Place the piece of paper inside the jar and wrap the paper with cotton. With the remaining cotton fill the jar completely. Tighten your jar and put it under your bed. Now glow the red candle and think about your love until the candle totally burns out.

It must be taken care of that you do not remove the jar from under the bed. It shouldn’t be opened as well otherwise your spell will be broken. In any case, if you want to break the spell then simply remove the jar open it and throw off the contents in the trash and remove them from your house.

This spell can be casted for personal reasons. It is quite natural for a person to crave for the attention of his/her partner. This is a situation when it becomes necessary to perform hexes so that the partner always thinks of us. The above spell is really simple but highly effective so it must be tried at least once without any hesitation to feel the difference in their partners’ behavior towards you. This spell has immense power in it and will definitely give you the desired

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Enchanting spells, magic spells

Enchanting Spells

Enchanting spells should not be confused with enchantment spells. Enchanting spells are weaker form of love spells which makes others fall in love with you. While enchantment spells, on the other hand enchants items. The effect and strength of the enchanting spells vary with the kind of spell that you cast. These are weak spells unless you strengthen it by performing it over and over again. Theses spells do not have negative effects if for any reason; they fail to be performed in the right manner. This article will brief you of a few varieties of enchanting spells.

First would be that of enchanting a person. For this you need:

  1. Orange pencil crayon
  2. Small orange candles
  3. Paper

Take the paper and hold the orange candle in your hand. Close your eyes and remember the person you want to enchant. Imagine what all you want them to do for you. Then while your eyes are still closed, draw an image on the paper of what you want from the person and while you are still drawing, you have to enchant this: may you get enchanted with my name, your heart shall burn for my spirit and body. Perform what I may ask you and what I may wish you to do and every task that I order you to. And after everything is done, let this flame vanish away.

Now you can open your eyes and burn the candle. The candle should only be orange, be it of any shape. Now you have o burn the paper over the candles and collect all the ashes. When the person for whom you had performed the spell touches the ashes, he/she will instantly become enchanted to you and will follow all your orders. The more the ashes they touch, the stronger the hex will become.

There is another spell which you can use to enchant your lover so that he never leaves you. For this spell you need the following items:

  • One white candle
  • One orange candle
  • One red candle
  • Two pink candles
  • Lavender
  • Rose quartz
  • Jasmine incense

You need to clean and sanctify the rose quartz, and then it should be placed on the herb of lavender. Next you should arrange the candles in the shape of a pentagram on the floor. While doing this you must chant the following: In the name of the planet of love- Venus, let my desires be fulfilled, let me become more attractive, and let my love be attracted towards me just like bees are attracted by honey. (Take the person’s name) and say, you are now attracted to me. After this the candles should be lit and while looking at the person whom you want to enchant, repeat the spell again.

Both the above spells are quite effective and they guarantee that the person you want to enchant is yours for the rest of your life, provided you enchant the spell time and again

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jealousy spells

Jealousy Spell

The power of jealousy is possibly one of the most non-magical forces in the world. But with little magic this breathtaking power can be amplified, controlled and disappeared totally. People who are weak at heart should not perform this spell. The jealously spell can be cast for many times and its effect remains for even longer time, so even a fairly feeble spell caster can create a great effect by casting these spells several times on the same objective.

Creating jealousy is a black magic. Some people say that there cannot be any sexual appeal in a relationship if there is some sort of jealousy in between them. This is a special spell in which the use of lipstick is involved. Select the dark red sexy and lustrous lipstick that will help to give the spirits, the message that you need things infuriated. A picture should be pasted on the mirror facing backside so that the person thinks something is happening at the back.

For this spell you may require the following items:-

  • Red lipstick
  • Pocket mirror
  • Tape
  • Photograph of him or her whom you want to make jealous.

To perform this spell you need to follow the steps below

The picture of the person whom you want to make jealous should be taken and pasted on the backside of the mirror with tape. Now put the lipstick on your lips in a thick layer and start kissing the mirror. When you are kissing the mirror it will seem that you are kissing someone else beside your lover, physically convey the message to your lover that you want to be with someone else. The subject of the spell will start imagining that something is going on the back and will contact you to make sure that you are still his. This spell can be performed to make a person jealous.

Another spell that you can perform for removing envy and jealousy in your partner is given below:-

For this spell you might need the following items-

  • Raw steak
  • Cocoa butter
  • Eggshells
  • Cigar
  • White dish
  • Towel
  • Brown paper
  • Bag
  • Four pennies.

This spell is very effectual and helpful for removing envy and jealousy. This spell is used to defend yourself from those who want to destroy your life by placing bad evil eye on you. This spell should be performed on Thursday night.

Get hold of a raw piece of meat and massage it completely with cocoa butter and crushed eggshells. Now glow a cigar and place it carefully in your mouth, puff smoke over the total steak, wrap up the meat in white fabric and pass all the way through your whole body from top to bottom. This spell should be performed when you are fully naked. After doing this dress yourself and put the fabric with meat in a paper bag. Put four pennies in the bag. Fold the bag and throw it outside the house in the waste.

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