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Sexual Spells, powerful magic spells for sex

Sexual spells

Do you have this burning desire to get intimate with somebody? It could be your new crush from office or the cool sexy guy that you met at your friend’s place last weekend. Now, sex is heaven when it’s consensual but it’s not always that easy to pop up the proposal and get the other person feel about you the same way. Well, this is where the sexual spells will be your best buddy.

A form of a love spell, sexual spells work to stimulate the victim’s feeling towards intimation. It works on your victim’s 1st & 2nd chakras to make him feel aroused. However, these spells can also make the spellcaster feel desired by others. So, if are aspiring to make yourself more fetching to your crush, so much so that he is ready to go beyond the peck on a cheek and into something more passionate- the sexual spells would be really handy.

Sexual spells cover a vast and versatile range of spells. Some are really simple as 1-2-3 while some are more elaborate. One of the simplest of sexual spells involves just some salt and a glass full of water. Keep the water beside your nightstand as you retire to bed at night. When you wake up the next morning, before you take your feet on floor, add some salt on water and chant the spell. It would something like a prayer to arouse passion and desire for you in your crush. Now, spit 3 times over left shoulder and take 3 sips from your glass. Use rest of the water to moisten the clothes that you are wearing. You will soon have your crush asking you for a steamy night.

If you have been casting spells for some time, you can try out more elaborate spells. One of them is the one that you do with candles and apple oil. To do the spell, you would need pink & red candles, Apple Blossom oil, red ink pen, parchment paper and an envelope.

Sit down on the floor- maintain a central position. First of all, anoint both the candles with oil. Light them up. Place the pink one on your left & the red one on your right. Now, concentrate on your desires. This is to stress here that the success of the spell depends largely on the level of your concentration so make sure to get 100% concentration here. Now, you will chant the spell. The verse would be something like a prayer where you wholeheartedly ask your crush to feel the ardent desire for you to lust for you, to want you.

Chant the spell 5x and then blow off the candles. Take the paper and write the name of your crush. Then, jot down what you wish to achieve, your desires on that very paper. Now, pour the red wax on the crush’s name followed by the pink one on your desires. As the wax dries up, fold your paper & place it inside an envelope. You have to carry along that envelope everyday with you, especially when you meet your crush and you will have him soon approaching you. Do not forget to discard that envelope after the passionate night.

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Erotic Spells, sex spells,

Erotic Spell

If you feel that the love between you and your partner has faded away in the recent time, then erotic spells can be cast to bring back the same vigor and vitality in your relation. These spells affect the sexual relations. It is observed that most of the spells last on a few days and then their effect wards off. But these spells must be given time to wear off before another spell is cast on the same individual. These spells are accompanied with a warning that love is a powerful feeling, and there can be long lasting consequences of these spells. A soft and warm erotic spell is described below:

It can be performed any time during the day but the morning time is found to be the best for such kind of spells. On a bright sunny day, you will have to purchase a bunch of flowers that you like the most. These flowers should be taken home and placed inside a vase or simply kept on the table. Now this bouquet must be kept in between two candles of beeswax which have been lit. Now you need to make a bowl of fresh fruits which are you lover’s favourite. If you partner does not like fruits then it can be substituted with either food or any kind of snacks for which he/she has a passion. This bowl must be kept near the bouquet and even nearer to you. Now you will have to garnish the fruits with each flower at a time. While you do this, you chant that flowers and fruits are fresh and sweet, similarly love, desire and passion should be welcomed in your life.

Once you are done with this, keep the bowl in the place that is frequently visited by your partner. Remove any flowers, if unused. Now the candles shall be blown off. Now each day as your partner eats the fruit, you take a flower off the bowl and keep it in the bedroom. With days, as the flowers accumulate, the passion of your partner for you will multiply rapidly.

This second spell can arouse sexual desires in your partner. For this you need the following items-

  • Patchouli oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Rose oil
  • Clove oil
  • Nutmeg oil
  • Olive oil

All that you simply need to do is take six drops of Sandalwood oil, six drops of Patchouli oil, six drops of Rose oil, six drops of Nutmeg oil and six drops of Clove oil. Mix all these oils and wear them as perfume whenever you are close to the person you want to excite. Consider it to be good if they are eyeing you. It is advisable to substitute amber oil in place of rose oil if you want to attract a woman.

Another spell goes as follows. For this you need your partners picture, or if you can visualize him/her then no need for anything. Just imagine him being physical with you and chant that you wanted him and now he wants you, this is your desire which you pray to be fulfilled.

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sex spells, love spells

Sex Spells

Lust and sex go hand in hand but there is a thin line of difference between the two. When you want to make sex spell work you should aim at the abundance which you are filled with in your life. Sex spells are performed on a full moon lit night. You can have the spell performed inside too but it is best advisable to perform outside under the clear sky. The earth needs to get rejuvenated for the spell to be performed in effectively.

You have to fill yourself in around the circle with energy that is sensual and passionate. Sprinkle some rose petals on the ground for the spell to be performed. Whether you want to arouse sensual desire in your partner or in yourself the spell needs special attention for they are potent source of energy. It is for those who lack energy and devoid of sexual pleasure gain the maximum. Within days you will feel the result when sex life is turned into adventurous life.

When there is no enjoyment in life and all you need is your partner to make you feel loved, sorcerers makes sure that you have the best of sex spells. At times it is just the flowers and scent that makes the spell work quick and with effective results whereas there are several other ways to perform sex spells. Usually it is self-prophesy when you need to self satisfaction.

Palpable energy of the sex is what that awaits you. If you forget the limitations involved in sex then the sorcerer is always there to remind you. Research work should be adhered to before indulging in sex spell calls for attention. You should be able to bear the consequence in entirety. If you and your partner both lack in lust then spell for arousing lust is desired in both in the first place because it is after lust that sex spell works.

Most of the times spell for lust and sex are performed together. When the activity for couple seems dull sex is what gets them going and hence, to spice up your life attraction is needed which will bring you closer. You can relish sexual bliss when sex spells are performed. Are you looking for benefits with sex spells then here it is-

  • Recreates the old flame present in the lovers
  • Attraction of physical, emotional and sexual need is endeared
  • Increase in stamina
  • Interest in sexual pleasure
  • Makes people more intimate

The component of sex is important in day to day life and most of the problems are caused due to lack of interest. When the part is restored it urges you to spend more quality time with your partner. It makes you stress free and you feel a sudden change in your life in terms of self confidence and sexual desirability. Let the spark never die for when it dies you will never be able to gain in the same amount of desire which you once possessed.

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