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Moon magic spells

Moon is one of the constant influences in almost any of the Wiccan rituals and magic spells. Different phases of the moon represent different emotions and feelings and hence it’s very important that you have a clear idea about the specific phase of moon to conduct your magic. Actually, the various phases of the moon represent various faces of Goddess. The waxing moon is said to be “maiden”, the full moon is known as “mother” while the waning moon is called “crone”.

New moon phase is great for spells pertinent to new beginnings, healing and increased abundance. On the other hand, full moon phase talks about closing projects with success, protection spells and healing rituals. Waning moon would be great for cleansing, cleaning, divination and banishing spells.

One of the most popular moon spells is money spell. To do the spell, you need green candle and sandalwood. You have to cast the spell on a full moon night and you can perform the magic in a group. Write name of all participants on green candle. Anoint it with oil and then start the chant. Next, you will light the candle. As you see the flame burning, focus all your energies into it and pray to bright full moon to bring wealth to your life and erase out all problems. Wait till the candle burns off on its own.

Waxing moon phase is a great time to enhance your magical power and you have a wonderful spell for that. To do the spell, you would just need a waxing moon night, a window, your strong belief in the spell and utter concentration. On a waxing moon night, simply go near your window from where you can have a clear view of the moon. Then, you will chant the spell which is a prayer to the moon, requesting the Maiden to enhance your magical power by 3x.

This is to note here that Waxing Gibbous stage would be awesome for constructive magical works. It’s especially great for “reeling in” stuff on which you have already been working on. Let’s say, you have initiated a project and it’s having difficulties. In such situations, you can take to Waxing Gibbous magic rituals which will help you with an additional boost and make your project more successful. It’s a good phase to renew your will, determination and strength to ensure your endeavors can reach their goals with success.

The waning moon phase would be awesome to banish negative influences from your life. To do the spell, you would need white or black candle, heatproof container, garlic and basil, pen and paper. Cast your magic circle and pray to Gods & Goddesses to banish the negative forces from your life. Consecrate your container and then pray to Lord & Lady to clear off all former negative energies.

This is to mention here that you must not cast any spell 3 nights prior to New Moon which is also dubbed as “Dark of Moon”. It’s because such a phase speaks of unpredictable and uncertain energy and a spell cast during such a phase might lead to unfavorable outcomes.

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Strength Spells, Magic Spells

Strength Spells

From time immemorial we have read about great men who have used their godly strength to fight against huge armies and defended the country. We always think of a hero as a person who have immense strength both physical and mental to withstand the wrongdoings and fight against it. We get inspired from this characters and thus try our level best to be more strong and agile, but sometimes it is too tough to acquire that level of strength. To solve this problem and use the immense strength, you need to be casted with the powerful spell, known as the strength spell.

We have learnt this from our childhood that exercise and training is the key to achieve a good health and immense strength that will help you in your life. But that does not always work in your favour. For instance, you are training yourself every day, pushing the limits and working really hard to win the marathon in the city, but on the day you fall behind. To help you succeed the strength spells works as a supplement. When this spells are casted on the person, the person acquires unspeakable amount of strength that helps the person to do the insurmountable things on earth.

Strength spells are very famous among spell casters and magicians and has been the reason for some of the unique feats that the human have been able to achieve throughout history. It is not only used to solve problems, but it can also be used to show off and inspire others. With the use of the strength spell, you can easily lift the bed to get the toy out that your girlfriend’s brother has lost, or you can use this strength to push cars out of potholes and receive admiration from the people. It is an excellent spell for everyone.

Strength spells are very easy to cast and does not depend on the experience of the spell caster. When the spell is casted, the target of the spell acquires strength for a short period of time. The advantage of this spell is that it cannot be reversed, but it will definitely fade off after the stipulated amount of time. It should also be noted that the spell caster cannot determine the lasting effect of the strength spell, but they do play a role in determining how strong and powerful the target becomes after the spell is casted on them

Strength spells has been one of the most used spells by magicians throughout history of mankind which has led to the creation of some of most popular and famous fables of all time. The person after getting casted becomes immensely strong and is able to do things which he could not have done in his normal state. So if you are looking for a spell that will make you more stronger so that you can able to achieve the impossible or impress your girlfriend, then the strength spell will be the best bet for you.

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