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Obsession Spell

Obsession spell

When we are in love with somebody we would certainly desire that person to be in love with us forever. Won’t you covet the feeling of having that special person addicted to you and you only forever? A big YES. But unfortunately, things don’t turn out to be as we plan it always. There have been incidents where apparently the most committed couples have decided to break up. Now, that’s sad and here comes the magic of obsession spells. These are the most powerful of love spells and if cast right, can make your love stay dedicated to you for lifetime.

One of the most popular obsession spells is the one that ensures that your partner stays committed to you forever. To do the spell, you would need cotton, jar, brown paper, red candle and red pen. Write your & your lover’s name on the paper. Then, you will wrap up the paper in cotton & place it inside your jar. Fill up the remaining portion of the jar with your remaining cotton. Tighten up the jar & place it under the bed. Then, light up the candle and contemplate over your love with full concentration till the candle burns out completely. You must not open or remove the jar from its place as otherwise you will end up breaking the spell.

Another obsession spell is buried love spell. It might help you when you are looking forward to protect your love from the prying souls. It’s a simple thing to do and the things you would need here are- a piece of cloth, paper, pouch, needle and thread, pen or pencil, dirt, earth and apple seed. In regards to the cloth’s color, you can use a white cloth. Sew the paper into your pouch. Then, color up the paper in pink or red. Make 2 pieces & write your name on one & your lover’s name on another. Now, place both of them inside the pouch with dirt and apple seeds. Finally just bury it and make sure never to take it out.

If you have fallen for somebody deeply and now you wish the same person to think about you all the time, there is a special obsession spell for it. To do the spell, you would need 1 small pink or red candle, incense & the name or picture of your crush. You have to do it during waxing moon phase at night. So, find out a secluded calm place & draw the circle. Charge up the small candle with pure intentions and complete concentration- then, start imagining your crush thinking about you non-stop. You have to visualize seeing yourself in their romantic dreams. In short, imagine they are completely into your thoughts round the clock. Then, light up the candle and incense. Sit or lie on your floor & visualize yourself entering into your crush’s brain. Go on visualizing the same thing constantly. As you do so, you are putting your thoughts in the crush’s head. Now, you will chant the spell and then place the person’s name or picture under your candle. Go on visualizing the same till the candle burns out.

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Divorce Spells

Divorce spell

When you take the oath before the alter, we promise to stick to our partner for better or for worse. But at times, unfortunately, the sacred bond does not turn out to be the way we had deemed. We all have heard of scary stories of marriages turning bitter and in such situations, the divorce spells are the ones that you want.

There are 3 main types of divorce spells. One of them is the one that will help you to attain the divorce from your spouse. If the married life has become unbearable, it’s best to terminate the bond and look for a better life ahead. The maxim of life is to stay “Happily married” and not just simply married- if the bond does not suit you, you have every right to break free. But then, sometimes the spouse does not want to give the divorce even after several pleas and requests. In that case, you can take help of the divorce spell to get rid of it.

Another type of divorce spell is the one which enables you to break the marriage between two people. But be careful, please do not cast it on a happily married couple. According to the Wiccan rules, whatever you do comes back to you 3 folds and that includes both the good & bad deeds. So, if you intend to break up a happily married couple, you are going to face serious consequences. You should only cast the divorce spell in case it’s an unhappy and tragic bonding- such as that of a marriage between a nice girl and a hooligan or between an old man & a young lady or when one of the spouses is really unworthy of staying married to.

The third kind of divorce spell is the one that helps you to prevent divorces. At times, even when the spouses are deeply in love, the romance goes awry given some stupid mistakes and petty misunderstanding- leading to unwanted painful divorces. But even then, you will find the divorce spells handy that will enable you to stop the marital disharmony and bring back the sweet pleasures of a happily married life. You can cast the spell to prevent your divorce or that of a friend.

Added to these 3 main divorce spells, there is another sort of divorce spell which will help you in your court proceedings. Divorce is an elaborate affair and with all the court proceedings it gets even more complicated. There are so many things to discuss- assets, debts, properties, children and so on. Often times, one of the spouses seem to unmindful harass the other spouse demanding irrational shares regarding child custody or asset distribution. If you or any of your friends is passing through a similar tragic situation, you can out an end to all such woes through the divorce spell & get the case in your favor.

However, it must be stressed here that divorce spells need a good lot of concentration and belief from the spell caster. Besides, make sure that you chant the spells right.

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Enchanting Spells

Enchanting Spells

Enchanting spells can be termed as a type of love spell, but weaker, designed to make other become enchanted with you. These spells generally have temporary effects and required to be strengthened through recasting them. There are hardly any negative effects or chances of mis-casting enchanting spells. Therefore, if you have been enchanted by someone and wish to cast the same effect on him/her, irrespective of whether that person knows you or not, try casting one of the many enchanting spells of white magic.

Enchanting spells have found place in history from times immemorial. Most of the fairy tales we have grown up hearing have had one or more wizards or witches who had the ability to cast an enchanting spell on someone in order to make him or her spellbound. Enchanting spells are white magical spells meant to manifest the power of positive energy of the universe. They are not meant to cause harm or conjure negativity.

In order to cast an enchanting spell you will require a room with windows overlooking the moon, eight candles and a lighter or a matchstick to light them. Gather a picture of the person you intend to cast the spell on and if that is not possible, use any object which they use or own. Wait for a half moon night. The half moon symbolizes you and the other person. Switch off the lights of the room and place the eight candles in each cardinal direction so that they form a circle of about a foot of diameter. Then place the object or the photograph of the person in the middle of the circle. Call the spirit guides aloud and ask them to connect your soul with the person you intend to cast the enchanting spell upon. Ask for their help so that both of converge as one just like the half moon does in light and darkness. Request the guides to conjure both of you as one in mind, thoughts and spirit. After you have said this now light the candles ones by one and stand in front of the circle and concentrate upon the picture or the object. Ensure that your mind does not deviate and you are concentrating quite intensely on the object and the person you intend t enchant. Feel an innate connection between the two of him and attempt to feel his or her presence with you at that moment. Quietly take their names clearly thirty times before you close the ritual by thanking the spirit guides to come to your help and pray that the connection cords between you and the person might never be broken. Head to sleep straightaway and keep thinking about the person.

If everything goes as mentioned above, the effects of the enchanting spell will begin showing results from the next morning itself. Ensure that once the person is enchanted you do not attempt to do anything against the realms of white magic otherwise the effects of the charm will wear off automatically.

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Love Binding Removal Spells

  1. Love Binding Removal

If you look around, you will notice that a plethora of information is available on the web as well as the occult books about various love binding spells but little is said about love binding removal. The purpose of magical love binding is to gain control, by means of subduing, restraining or tying to oneself, an object or a person. When you bind a person, it creates energy between two people or an object, drawing them closer. The strength of this energy depends on the binder and the bond.

Binding spells could be made of ethereal, astral, elemental or psychic energy which can be dissolved, removed, severed, cut or dispelled. Through effectively channelizing one’s own energy, any other energy form bound by others can be destroyed or severed. It is true that a person bound in a love spell might find it gruelling to practice the required level of patience and precision to remove it. Here are a few methods and techniques which can be adopted to remove the love binding spell.

  • Relaxing is the most important aspect. This will allow you to slowly enter the meditative state.
  • Accumulate your energy. Focus. First centre and then draw the energy from above, within and below and from all the seven chakras. Ground it in the form of a pillar.
  • You might require an additional source of energy to accomplish this. Take assistance from a spiritual guide who can lend you his energy. Seek the help of a crystal grid which can also accumulate your energy and channelize it towards empowerment. Keep meditating and attempt to draw the energy from the internal and external sources until you realize that your energy pillar is brimming with the power entering from your chakras.
  • You will witness your energy pillar growing and radiating pure gold light. This source of light and energy is capable of destroying anything which comes in it’s way. The pillar will now expand into a planar, circular field of energy and rise to become more radiant.
  • The energy cods of the energy pillar will stretch far making it stronger and it will begin to spin now. In this process, they will severe the love spells from each of the seven chakras.
  • As you continue to invest your energy into the pillar, the bindings of the love spell will begin to fall off, disappear, wither or turn into dust. Once the spell is undone, you will feel a sense of relief and refreshment.
  • Remain meditative for some more time till the energy pillar settles back in your body. Relax for sometime and then open your eyes. The love binding will be removed.

The above method can be easily practiced by someone who has gained complete control over his mind and body through practicing frequent and prolonged meditation. However, empowering the mind and the soul is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. Developing a sound connection with the mind can ensure faster removal of spells.

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Spiritual Creatures

  1. Spiritual Creatures

According to Spiritualism, the spirit world, which is the realm inhabited by the spirits is in constant interaction with the natural world. The spirit world was created long before the natural world came into being. The spiritual creatures are there to ease our pain and guide us through our difficulties. And that is the reason, the spiritual creatures are said to be all around us.


Angels never incarnate into the matter. They are around us all the time and will summon to our call. They belong to a higher dimension of love and light and hence, they cannot feel the way humans do. Angels play a major role in the spiritual transformation as they help us heal our mind and body through love and light. Different types of angels are invested with different types of work in the natural world. Through sheer dedication, commitment and meditation human beings can become aware of the angels around them and communicate with them effectively.


Animals are far more than what human beings can fathom. Most of them belong from the other parts of the universe. The bodies in which they dwell there are unknown and could be far different from how they dwell in this world. The animals possess an astral body which incarnates through the physical body. Animals might seem less advanced than humans because of their incarnation in the natural world where matter is dense. Their restricted bodies and controlled senses assist them to thrive in the mortal world. All animals reverberate with higher consciousness and help us to go on with our purpose.

Crows are associated with perspective, intelligence, audacity and being fearless. They are manipulative and mischievous. Crows easily adapt to the environment and demonstrate flexibility. Fox is associated with mental responsiveness, discernment and nocturnal activities. Owls indicate intuition and the power to perceive what others do not wisdom and life transition. Spiders demonstrate feminine energy, receptivity, patience, and dark personality.


When the soul leaves the body, it embarks upon the journey to reach the higher dimensions of love and light which could not be achieved as long as it was residing in the human body. They begin to exist is different kinds of spiritual power and seek to advance towards heaven from the nether region. Ghosts can glide to and fro from the mortal world but their ultimate solace lies in uniting with God.

Extra Terrestrials

There are incredible varieties of life in the Universe and the functioning of such life is as miraculous as that if the humans. Estra Terrestrial creatures are incarnated in any dimension in the Universe apart from the Earth.  In the material dimensions, every living being encounters a birth and death cycle, wherein, in the higher dimensions, life can continue up to hundreds or even thousands of years. The dimensions of the Extra Terrestrial creatures are known to be bestowed with spiritual harmony and knowledge.

Man’s relation to the spirit world is as beautiful as his contact with the natural world. The ultimate purpose of wandering through the various realms of dimensions is to remain on the path of goodness and profess universal love.

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Protection Spells

Protection spells

Do you think that something or someone is trying to cause harm to you? Are you finding yourself at stress situations, which should not have happened? Are you thinking of doing something that will help and safeguard you from all the harms? Do you believe in the power of magic? If you think all these questions needs to be answered then you need to know about this special spells which will not only safeguard you from bodily harm, but it will also save you from the evil spells. The protection spells is a group of similar spells which have a reputation of helping people by safeguarding them from the evil.

Protection spells are extremely powerful and fruitful. They deal directly with the force spells and power spells. This shows how powerful the protection spell is. The spell is created keeping a simple thing in mind and that is to protect the person from any type of harm, both physical and mental created by the natural circumstances, or due to witchcraft. You can extensively use these spells to also remove the negative influences that are creating barriers between you and success. So whenever you are using the protection spells, you will be safeguarded from all atrocities.

Before you use this spell on yourself, you have to understand everything. The protection spell is very powerful and it requires an experienced and powerful spell caster who can easily and effectively cast the spell on you. If an inexperienced spell caster casts the spell, it will work but it will not be as potent as it should be. As a result it might happen that the spells stops working and you go through the same horrific problem which had led you to use the spell.

Now you have to understand whether you really need the protection spells. Everyone in the world goes through highs and lows. It is the way life works and everyone has to pay the dues before they receive what they deserve. The protection spell is a very well defined spell, but it will not be able to help you get through the lows. It might smoothen the process, but unless you pay the dues, you will not reach the high point of life.

Finally when you cast the spell, the effect will start immediately. The spell creates an invisible shield around you which prohibits every evil magic that has been casted to harm you. Not even the deadly evil magic can pass through the shield and you will not experience the horrific effects of these evil spells. It should also be noted that the protection spells has no side effects. All powerful spells when not casted properly, leads to side effects that affect the casters badly, but not protection spell. Since this spells does not cause any harm to anyone, if the spell is not casted properly, it will not create any side effect.

To conclude, if you are really thinking about ways to safeguard yourself from evil spells, then you have to use the all-powerful protection spell

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Hex Spells

Hex Spells

Are you thinking of taking revenge on your enemies, but does not know how to? Is there a guy who annoys you a lot and also embarrasses you in public? Do you want to teach him a lesson he will never forget? Are you willing to use magic to teach these people not to mess with you anymore? If all these are true, then you need to learn more about the hex spells, which have helped millions of people to exact revenge on their enemies successfully without raising any suspicion.

Hex spells belongs to a class of dark magic that is very popular and is used extensively by spell casters all over the world. The reason of casting a hex on another person is simply to harm him or her because of some action that has made the caster angry on them. The question of who should get casted with a hex is debatable as it all depends on the reason for the action. For example if a guy made a joke on you and you casted a hex on him, then it is not justified. But if you cast a hex on a guy who has molested children, or have raped someone, or have killed people, then it is justifiable. But then again it all depends on the casters perspective on whether the person should suffer the power of the hex.

Dark magic is the collection of spells and magic, that has the power to manipulate the free will according to the need of the spell caster. It is always advisable not to use and practice dark magic, but people do use it. Hex spells is a collection well created hexes that range from simple punishments to even death. The spells are very powerful and have a great impact on both the spell caster and the person on whom it is casted. It is said that the spell caster lose his goodness after he uses these spells because he succumbs to his anger. The spells are advised to be casted by an experienced spell caster. This is because the spells requires immaculate amount of tolerance and a lot of courage and if the spell is pronounced wrong, then the side effects haunts the spell caster for the rest of his life.

Whenever the hex spells are used, the law of threefold comes into play. The law of threefold states that if you use dark magic on someone, you receive it back with its magnitude increased threefold. This law is true and has been proved over years. So whenever you use the hex spells always remember the law of threefold and the things that might happen to you.

To conclude, Hex spells are very popular form of dark magic that has helped many people over centuries to take revenge on their enemies. The wide range of hex spells at the disposal will satiate every body’s need. But whenever you use the hex spells, you should use the protection spell. The protection spell will not stop the threefold law, but it lessen its effects.

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Hurt Spells

Hurt Spells

Have you been hurt by someone so bad that it has made your life miserable? Have you come across people who are really bad and love to hurt people just for fun? Are you looking for a way to exact revenge against those who have hurt you physically, mentally or emotionally? Then you are reading the correct article because we have something that might help you with your cause; to teach a good lesson to the bullies, to make someone suffer in the same way they have made you suffer. You need to know about the Hurt Spell, the medicine for your ailing heart.

Hurting people is easy and sometimes funny but we always forget the experience the other person must be having. Getting hurt is really a bad experience and has led to a lot of bad decisions and gruesome crimes. But that does not mean you should not be able to take revenge on the person. Hurt spells are specifically designed by the magicians in such a way that when they are casted by the spell caster, the target gets to experience the same amount of pain and suffering that you have suffered when you were hurt by the target.

It is said that Hurt spells are some of the most powerful spells that has been created by the most experienced and powerful magicians. When you are using the hurt spell, you should remember that you are also dealing with life and death, and a wrong decision can ruin someone’s life. For this same reason, the magicians have also created some fairly weak spells that might not take the life of the target, but can do serious damages if it is casted by a very experienced spell caster. The spell is also not reversible and takes a lot of time to dissipate, so you can be assured of the fact that the target will surely learn a lesson.

Hurt spells are very popular among people with heart breaks who want to exact sweet cold revenge on the other person and this reason has made the use of these spells so popular among black magicians. The spells when casted by the black magicians are said to be more potent and hence people are more attracted towards black magic. But you have to keep the rule of three in mind as it plays a significant role in deciding our future, based on our current action. So even though you would be attracted towards black magic, it is advised to cast the spells without the help of black magic.

To summarize  we can say that hurt spells are one of the most powerful and dangerous spells that you can use to take revenge on people who have seriously hurt you. It is said that someone once miss cast the hurt spell of a deadly flu which resulted in the cataclysmic Avian flu outbreak in Asia. So before casting the spell, be aware of the consequences and ask yourself whether you want to stoop so low just for a revenge.
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Conjuring Spells

Conjuring Spells

The conjuring spells are one of the most popular spells that is known to mankind. It is so well known that authors like JK Rowling had incorporated it in her novel Harry Potter to explain the magical world. But the spells are nothing like the way it is explained in the novel. In real magic, conjuring spells are one of the most powerful spells that have been ever created and requires a lot of experience and courage to cast the spell correctly or pay the price for the rest of the spell caster’s horrid life.

Conjuring spells can be distinguished in two different ways. The first type of conjuring spell is used to conjure simple lifeless objects and order them to do things. The spells for this type of conjuring are relatively simple that can be casted by even a novice spell caster who has just started practicing. It is a known fact that if conjuring spells is not casted properly, they can lead to consequences. But that does not imply for this type of conjuring spells. The conjuring spells to conjure objects are simple and harmless to the spell caster and if it is casted properly, it can be used for various things.

The second type of conjuring spells is the use of spells to conjure spirits. This innate capability of the conjuring spells has made it extremely popular among the spell casters for generations. With the help of these spells you can conjure spirits and use them to do tasks that are impossible for you to do. An evil spell caster can even use this spells to conjure evil spirits and make them do bad things like haunting others, killing them or destroying other lives. The conjuring spells are extremely powerful and also hazardous at certain situations. The spells are one of the most powerful spells in existence and only a true spell caster who has years of practice and experience are able to cast these powerful spells correctly. Proper measure are required to be taken because these spells works against the spell caster if it is casted wrong. It is said that when the spells are casted incorrectly, the spell caster is usually gets haunted for the rest of his or her life by the same tormented souls, he or she tried to conjure.

Conjuring spells have been well known by everybody and many people have even experienced the power of these spells. It is so popular that they are even mentioned in popular novels and games, but the application is wrong as normal people do not know the power these spells possess. With the use these awesome spells, you will be able to control real life objects like furniture, TV, sofa and be able to move them and make them do whatever you want. With the use of these spells you can also control the spirits that roam around, the souls that have not been freed yet, to work for you and do things for you. But be careful while using these spells.

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Resurrection Spells

Resurrection Spells

The word resurrection has originated from a Latin noun word called resurrection-onis, which explains the concept of bring a being back to life even after their death. Resurrection has been believed to exist from the time when ancient religion has just started gathering prominence because people have experienced the supernatural existence of the souls on earth. This is because magic and spells have the innate power to bring back the dead back to earth as ghosts or even bring them back to life.

Resurrection spells are one of the most powerful spells known to spell casters and only a few of these spell casters can actually cast this spells without any problem. To master these spells one has to gain experience for years. Since these spell has the innate capability to bringing the dead back to life, while casting the spell, it possess a life risk on the spell caster. So unless a spell caster is experienced enough, the resurrection spell should not be casted by him or her. Most of the spells are created which succeeds in contacting the dead spirits that roam around the world without any purpose. These spells comes in handy when you need answers from a deceased parent, friend of loved one about things that will help you in your life.

Resurrection spells are also able to bring the dead back to life, but it requires a lot of magic power and the prowess of the most experienced spell casters in the world to cast this spell properly. Contacting a dead spirit is easy but bringing back to life is extremely tough yet possible. But before using these spells every spell caster has to keep something in mind. There is only a certain amount of life force in the universe, which is constant and cannot be increased or decreased by anybody. So when a spell caster will cast this spell and attempt to bring back a life from the grave, he or she must steal life force from other living beings. Only after stealing the life force from other living being, the spell caster can bring back the dead. So it is advisable that only an experienced and able spell caster casts these spells as he or she would be controlling the place from where the life force will be taken.

Resurrection spells have been used for centuries, and its prowess has been documented in various novels and stories as fables but only true spell casters knows this that these stories are not fables but truth. Being one of the most powerful spells that is known to the spell casters, a lot of experience and courage is required to use this spell to communicate with the spirits or bring them alive. And if you want to bring someone back to life, it will be possible only if you take a life force and incorporate it to bring back the dead. A complex spell that has the power and capability to bring back the people you lost, resurrection spells are very popular amount the spell caster’s community.

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